Laptop and technology solution

The technology solution implemented will help gather data through the entire business process and from this, we will be able to become more efficient, reduce costs, plan services based on customer requests, order the correct amounts of supplies, procure supplies at best value, track clientele routines, know what each customer expects, program ample staff during peak days/hours, recognize the value of monthly specials, capitalize on marketing the business to the community, Increase lustfully and involvement within the community, provide more customer value and benefits, Increase clientele, apply automation to as much of the business as possible, enabling the business to flourish. Software, Hardware, Communication, Facility, Service Components The components needed to accomplish the technology solution are listed below as It pertains to the Specific Technology Solution segment of this document. Software, Hardware, Communication, Service, and Facility components will be utilized In the strategy. Software – Appointment Book, Client Management, Inventory Control, and

Purchasing – we will utilize Salon Iris because it is many feature we can benefit from, we can build the client database and use on our desktop PC or access remotely from a number of sources such as the smartened, inventory can be monitored, the system can be used to make purchases online, and we will be able to track sales. (Colonials. Com) Hardware – A computer will be purchased and installed at the MUMS haircuts, as well as a laptop for use offsets. The computer will provide capabilities to access the Internet, email, and conduct business activities at the salon. All equipment, the software, printer, etc. Will be purchased from HP. (HP. Com) Communication – We will utilize Compact for the business website and Wi-If (minimal cost each month). The hardware, software, and other components are included in the monthly cost and contract. (Compact. Mom). Our website will consist of services we offer, contact info, photographs (before and after), and monthly specials and other areas that are geared toward our customers. Facility – All aspects of the business will be housed in the MUMS salon. The appointment desk will be located at the front entrance where each customer can be greeted and checked in. Services – All business support functions will be handled by Internal staff. The owner will handle monetary transaction such as payroll, benefits, and ordering of supplies. An additional staff member will schedule appointments and man the check- In desk. The remaining staff will service clients.