Knight rider

The paper ” Knight Rider ” is a great example of an essay on media. Knight Rider is the earliest recollection that I have of a TV show which has left fond memories with me all these years. It has made me think about the good times of the past and how much I cherish them with each passing day. I remember vividly the soundtrack of Knight Rider which amazed me endlessly. The first thing that caught my attention in Knight Rider was the car itself. I often thought how a car could speak to its driver, Michael Knight. The car, in essence, astonished me more than anything else. It was called K. I. T. T. It was a black car that drove on its own if need be. Michael Knight was the master of this car and took advice from it whenever he felt the need to do so. Knight Rider could jump many feet high above the surface of the earth, look across walls, spray oil on the road, twist, turn, collide yet remain a single whole, disappear in mud, drive automatically and the list goes on. Since I was 10 years old at that time, this show has never ceased to amaze me. It has made a huge impact on my life. The music of this famous TV series still lingers fondly within my mind. I always wanted to have a car like this which drove on its own. I know such a car might not be possible in the time and age of today but no one knows what possibilities time can bring upon us.