Keely antonio

Keely Antonio 28 January 2013 World History Mr. Culver DBQ The most important consequences of the printing press were the expanding knowledge of the globe. The invention of printing from 1471 to the 15th century began with an abundant of printing presses in Europe. With the spread of printing presses more information was spread. If it weren’t for the help of the printing press there would not have been important information spread. The printing press spread like wild fire. To give a better understanding of how fast the printing press was expanding, “ Germany at the time was turning out about a million books a year. ” (Mann, doc 3). It was very helpful when it came to getting news out. It also changed over years, from people manually copying to a machine writing it. The map of 1471, which is document, two shows that the printing press was more scarce and centered in one area. It was most general in Germany. Going 29 years in the future in the 15th century the invention of the printing press spread through out Europe. With the announcement of the printing press it spread out in Europe to make communication easier. In the 15th century it was easier having the printing press as a resource to copy because technology was more available to people than it was in 1471. All books were printed in Germany. Columbus discovered a new world but how was he suppose to let everyone know about the New World? He wrote a letter, and he had it published and with the invention of the printing press he was able to get the word out on the new world in different languages so more people will come to the new world. “ I found many islands inhabited by men with out number of all which I took possession for our most fortunate king (Columbus, doc 6). In other words he found land but living by men. Another example of the help of the printing press did was when Luther published three books. His books were about religion and it helped to get the word of God out. “ According to one estimate a third of all books printed in Germany betetween1518 and 1525 were by him”(Mann, doc 3). Luther’s words spread like a tsunami. In document one when the first exemplar of a printing press when somebody manually copied the original document as the technology came available they moved from copying it to a machine that would use ink and be a much more convenient process. “ The two images portray the significantly different methods used to produce books before and after Guten bergs invention of the printing press. “(No author, doc 1). The printing press benefits our learning today and helps communicate everyone around the world.