Issues in social media in the workplace

Social media Introduction Social media has brought ease of interaction between individuals in a quick and cheap way unlike olden days. However, I have noticed that some people cannot balance between the allure of social media and their other responsibilities in life. In this paper, I am going to discuss issues that unbalanced use of social media can cause in school and at work. Furthermore, I will offer ways to counteract the issues and ensure fulfillment of responsibility in those areas.
Issues Caused By Social Media In School And The Workplace
Firstly, social media can lead to lack of concentration in both the workplace and school (Patrut, Bogdan &Monica, 321). In that, For example, in my evening classes school, I see students chatting on Facebook while the teacher is teaching hence they do not learn at all. Also, for example, in my workplace, the receptionist is sometimes very busy on twitter such that she cannot attend to customers’ hence bad customer service (Lee, 15). In such an instance the school and work management can disable social media sites in all school and work computers. This will ensure that other internet related jobs can go on while nobody can access social media at school and work.
Secondly, social media can lead to avoidable accidents at school and workplace (Patrut, Bogdan &Monica, 319). An example is that at my workplace in the factory department, I see workers concentrating hard on Facebook and they lose focus and get hit or cut by a machines frequently. In school, students in my chemistry class often chat on twitter thus mix volatile substances that cause explosions thus accidents. To avoid such occurrences, schools can ban the use of phones and computer gadgets at school and at work too except in authorized places.
Finally, social media can lead to uncalled for fights and encourage cyber bullying which hinder the production rate both at school and at work (Lee, 17). Teachers in my school occasionally start fighting over issues on the social media. This hinders their teaching rates and us the student body lag behind academically. In my workplace, my collegues fight most of the time due to gossip and rumors spread over social media which entail case solving. This consumes precious time which could have been used to enhance production. The school and workplace management can pass a law by expelling or firing of students or workers with fights related to social media.
Social media is a blessing to the human race. However, it can bring issues like loss of concentration, accidents and fights in school and workplaces.
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