Is writing necessary for all?

Is Writing Necessary For All? I have asked myself many times during my Composition class why I signed up for it. Writing is not a necessary requirement for every career field out there. Many careers do not even require you to write at all.

Every now and then, you may have to write an e-mail or a letter. Even though these are supposed to be formal, they can be casually formal. Not every letter sent needs to be perfection. If someone is interested in doing business with you, I do not believe that they will pay too close of an attention to your writing skills. Why is a Composition course required for a degree in every field? Growing up in a small town, my interests in a business career field is little. I have the highest interest in an automotive career field.

As I think more about it, I wonder why I need to be taking a writing course. Working on engines all day does not require you to be able to have great writing skills. I realize that you need to be able to write so you can complete a cover letter and a resume, but those do not need to be top of the line writing. A mechanic should not be chosen on whether or not he or she can write well, but rather on how efficient of a worker they are. I do understand that other career fields require the ability to write well.

If you wish to be a secretary in any field of work, or wish to be in the business field, good writing ability is a must. Writing is necessary for some people, but it is not necessary for all. Degrees that are more hands-on work should not require a writing course. If a person gets judged by their ability to write in a field where writing is not needed as much, that person may never find a job. They could be skilled in their career field, but never be able to find a well paying job because they cannot write well.

This should not be. I believe that not all jobs require the ability to write well. In my opinion, someone should be judged by their ability to complete the work given to them, not on how well they can write.