Is hong kong an ideal place

Is Hong Kong an ideal place? According to the Global Urban Competitiveness Report (2007-2008) Hong Kong dropped 7 places to 26 as a competitive city for investment. If it’s any consolation, Hong Kong remained one of the most affluent cities in the world and one of the top 5 in Asia in term of economy, infrastructure andfreedom of speech. Yes, Hong Kong is undoubtedly achieved so well with flying color, having a stable economy, good job market and good accessibility to anywhere due to intra-city transport network.

However, the quality of life in this cosmopolitan city does not completely meet the expectation of its people in terms of social, economical and environmental indicators. Firstly, Hong Kong is particularly shot of flat land for building purpose. Owning to the scarcity of land and the large population, housing has often been a grave problem in Hong Kong. Indeed, many Hong Kong people aspire to own a better home. However, due to spiraling rent and house prize, more and more people are unable to afford the high value.

Sandwich class suffers the most. As they are not eligible to public housing, the only choice for them is to endure extremely high prize. Reasonably good housing accommodation within the means of the average Hong Kong people is often seriously lacking—- the government should exert themselves. Secondly, seriousair pollutionspoils the quality of our life and threatens our very existence. In fact, the problem of airpollutionhas been particularly acute in recent year and the number of days with foggy condition per year also increases.

Those lingering exhaust fumes leave a bad impression on the minds of visitors. This turn down thetourism industry, as they are unsatisfied the view of the Victoria Harbour. Thirdly, as Hong Kong follows a “ small government” traditional thinking, one of the important reasons for having an unprecedented surplus is a simple tax system and lower tax rate, attracting businessman to invest and tourists to spend here. Behind the government’s bumper harvest, a large demand to share the fruits of economic development is pushing on Financial Secretary.

After the fiscal budget is launched, the policy remains the same as the previous budget, showing that they have no sense of improving the quality of living of the citizens and strengthen the competitiveness of Hong Kong. Hong Kong has best of the west and east blended here. Hong Kong people are proud of having such advantages. When the housing problem and air pollution are solved, Hong Kong will surely become a more stable and prosperous city. Hong Kong government should take more concern from society to get benefits from flourishing economy.