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INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE Communication the process whereby there is passing off a message from the source to the respondent through a transmitter. Communication goes through when the recipient receives the message from the sender and understands it as expected by the sender. In the case of misunderstanding of the message, the communication has not taken place. An internal revenue service in the U. S. was established by the federal government. The organization is accountable for the assortment of taxes.
Majority of the callers have very little understanding of the tax regulations, adding onto that a good number also have limited proficiency in English language. In order to serve the clients professionally, an employee must be fully equipped with good communication skills: this may include; having courage when talking to the clients, this means being confident in knowing one can make significant contributions to the discussions. Regular practice of the tax regulations, this will increase ones knowledge and confidence in handling the clients. Developing efficient listening skill will enable one understand the real area of concern and therefore able to respond appropriately.
Working at INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE is seasonal as individuals are contracted to work for one year then proceed to college where they the organization then offers training to the students. Working in IRS is much appealing to me due to the number of befits that came with it. One of the major reasons I would prefer working for the federal government is the loyalty of serving my country. The experience one gets when serving the large population is awesome. The position would expose me to knowing of the tax regulations present in my country.
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