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Emailed quizzes are not allowed. Any emailed quizzes will be subject to the same rules as late quizzes. 1. Expand on the statement, ” if you don’t have influence, you will never be able to lead others. ” Why is this true or not true? How does influence make someone a leader? Give an example ofleadershipinfluence. Influence Is necessary to lead. Leadership Is about Influencing people to follow. The quote Is true. Having Influence on someone’s actions Is the only way to get them to do what you want them to, or lead them.

An example is when a leader calls a meeting tit employees instructing them in what to do. If he doesn’t have influence, some employees might not go, and some will disregard what he said. 2. Why Is reflective thinking so Important to having vision in leadership? Reflective thinking enables us to pinpoint our mistakes and correct them. Knowingly Our mistakes will ensure not repeating them and will greatly Increase our chances of successfully achieving our vision. 3. Why is learning so important to being a leader? Why is a process more important than any single event?

Successful leaders are learners. It’s the capacity to develop and improve one’s skills that distinguishes leaders from their followers. A process Is more Important because you can’t become a leader In one day, It Is a continuous process. If you continually invest in your leadership development, the inevitable is growth over time. 4. Why is serving others so important to being a leader? What does a leader learn from serving others? Leaders Add Value by Serving Others. Leaders learn the law of addition. Each characteristic. 1 .

Natural Leadership Ability- People can sense natural leadership ability and they willrespectand want to follow you. 2. Respect for others- When leaders respect others, employees will in turn respect you. 3. Courage- People tend to respect courageous leaders. They take the risks necessary to be better. 4. Success- Success is a definite way to gain respect, especially of your employees, it will motivate them, and make them think that they can repeat it. 5. Loyalty- Employees appreciate when a leader is loyal and sticks with them until a AOL is complete. . Value Added to Others- leaders can also learn respect from others when they add value to those people. Everyone feels that they are a part of a team and the respect carries on after the relationship has ended. 6. What is the relationship between trust and character? A leader can build trust by consistently exemplifying character.