Intrusions in asia/ week 5 disc

Intrusions in Asia/ Week 5 Disc

Western influence on Asia Western influence on Asia The Key motives that westerners had when they decided to encroach foreign landin China, India, and Japan were to exploit the untouched resources. This was at around 1700s and 1800s. The British successful imposition of its presence and trade policies on china’s in spite of the communications from people like those from Emperor Ch’ien-lung(I. e Qianlong), and commissioner Lin Zexu(i. e Lin Tse-hsu). They can be considered that it was because of the influence the British had in the world during that time. This paper will support such policies that the British decided to add because they have more advantages on people than disadvantages. 9 Mishra, P. 2013).
The thing that made the Western Europe to enter into some countries that were earlier called East Indies was to colonize it and exploit its resources. The interest to exploit this resource first sparked off when westerners identified India when they were searching for trade routes to Asia. This led to an age of recovery and likewise introduction of early modern warfare. When the Europeans began to successful in terms of business and politics in most of these countries in Asia they started coming up with policies that would ensure that they were in full control of all the resources.
The trade policies, mostly the once that formulated by British to china, were able to go through since, the British were in a good poison in terms of warfare and administration However, they faced many contradictions for instance. From Lin Tse-hsu Qianlong who incited their people to rise against the British if they want to protect their ancestral land and position in the society. This led to various violent confrontations with the locals e suppressed due to lack of effective weapons. (Mishra, P. 2013).
Increase in number of westerner considered as threat to the countries in web. However, it also had its advantageous, which lead to the current good relations witnessed between these countries. Various people tried to push away Europeans away from their countries, some only realized ‘ after it was too late the saw the impact the British had had on the economy.
Mishra, P. (2013). From the ruins of Empire: The revolt Against the west and the ‘ Remaking of Asia. London; Penguin.