Interview with a public administrator in petroleum industry

Affiliation Interview with a public administrator (Richard Smith, the marketing and sales manager) Eugine petroleum industry who is also a public administrator. Marketing and sales manager is a person accountable for the sales that take place in the company and he has a clear knowledge of the demand for energy in their company. Every procedure which takes place in the company concerning the sales of its energy products he has to be conducted.
The targeted interviewee was the marketing and sales manager because he is the head of the department which controls sales and a lot of information is in that sector more so on demand for energy which was the requirement of our interview. Richard daily routine is described by his controls and managing the marketing and sales sector of his industry. He ensures that all is done in time and correctly ensuring the demand for their products does not go down. He likes his job because it is well paying and it is so attracting to him because it pertains his career and it involves innovative life which he likes a lot. ‘ I dislike the tiring of my job’. Most of the time he spends outside the office trying to find more customers and less time is spent in office (Scott, 2006).