Internet and digital divide

But not only can It be a waste of time to read through a site and Implement the Information and suggestions found there, only to later find that they were inaccurate, but such sites may pose a health or afety problem if that information directly affects your health and safety or that of your family, pets, employees, co-workers, or clients. You can easily assess and evaluate the value of Internet Information or research sources through pre- evaluation and a thorough selection of credible internet information sources. You can as well look at the domain and the affiliated attribution.

The best is to look for multiple sources. If all the sources say the same thing, then you can be rest assured that the article is legit. If not, then you should doubt It. Things you should look for when entering a site to determine If they are credible and reliable are: Accesslblllty Is this information on the site accessible to whoever may visit it? That means visually impaired, hearing impaired, or disabled people. Can you navigate easily and can those who have a disability where there is limited movement navigate easily through this site? What is the color scheme? Is It readable?

Design- Is the site comfortable to look at, and allows your eyes to follow the page logically? Does the site overwhelm you with pop ups or graphics? Is it distracting you from the main reason you are in this site in the first place? Relevance- Is this information useful to you? Does the Information pin point the actual topic of your paper? Sources- Who Is the owner of this site, or who can I contact on this site? When we look at it from outside in, we realize that anyone can build a site and make it look attractive. They can be neat and well informed, but a true reliable site will have all the contact information and will cite Its sources.

You want to always look for accuracy, and credibility, It will help valuate the content in the site. Things that keep me from revisiting sites, or even waiting for them to finish loading, are those that seem to use the latest gizmos Just because they grabbed the code or designed something with it, busy backgrounds, excessive use of bars, banners, animated or blinking things, tons of web rings, poorly organized content, rampant misspellings, links that haven’t been updated in years, and the use of really tiny print and poorly contrasted text and background. What exactly does the digital divide mean, and how do you think this divide could be ridged? ” The digital dlvlde means that there Is a gulf between those who have ready access to computers and the Internet, and those who do not. With people at poverty levels, not everyone has the opportunity to have internet at the ready. In fact the amount of people who are not media literate in this way is still a huge number.

This has put the more wealthy people at a higher place in the digital divide because they have access In more forms then Just computers. They have cell phones, I pads, and the new digital tablet. Even though poverty plays a huge role in the digital divide, ompanies are now coming up with ways to bridge the gap and make things and a leg on a new phone that is up to date. Instead we can make the one time big purchase and then pay as we go.

With the smart phone we are able to connect to the internet and chat with those who do not live so close. This has created a mending tool for the digital divide. People are now more current when it comes to news, and can post in the now. I think it is becoming a great start to connecting the world and widening democracy. Thank you for your time and contact me again if you have anymore questions. Sincerely,