Internet addiction

Some says that Internet is so enjoyable and made them almost addictive. When I read the given article, I noticed that much of the subjects are youths and it was about to discussed the serious issues of Internet Addiction including the people from South Korea. I also observed that counselors were introduced, so as the given therapy Ilke screening individuals were applied. This observation, made me realized that youths nowadays are prone to addiction, Ilke smoking, drinking, online gaming and addictive to social media sites.

Especially In South Korea, the Issue that as been discussed with regards to addiction to Internet made them becomes rebellious. Maybe, this could be the impact of addiction to them. As far as I know, being addictive to internet is one of the common problems of most societies. It’s difficult to neglect or avoid this kind of behavior especially if you were an adolescent. There are circumstances that you will encounter in your life.

First, when it comes to family, instead of giving or spending time with your parents, you prefer to stay at home because you want to play games on internet. This example was based on my brother’s situation. Second was lack of communication, I have a cousin of mine who was very shy and timid, but when It comes to social media (e. g. twitter), I could probably say that she Is very different. I think this is because she really admired Justin Bieber and made herself preoccupied on that scenario. But this is the way she made her lifestyle more enjoyable that’s why I understand her.

And lastly, I think adolescents tends to weakens their healthy life, as I have observed eenagers, they stay late at night simply because of spending their time communicating with their friends on social media sites, like facebook. Instead of taking a rest when you feel down, posting tweets and status was one of their defense mechanism to relieve their pain. I as a college student I seriously having a difficulty reading genres like novels, especially when Its language was English. But when Internet came, and my cousin Introduced to me the e-book (Ilke wattpadb I have no doubt on reading this.

This made me Interested and addictive to e-books. I could say that I was being addicted to wattpad that time, because I sull awake even If It Is Sam In the morning, and my body clock runs out in that way. I realized that being happy with what we and forgot to be aware of the possible effects of this things. It only depends on us how we see these behaviors as more efficient and more effective. And to conclude, miou are the author of your life, if you let things happen and not avoiding it, it will come into your life. You are the only one who will dictate if this thing could lead you to addiction”.