Integrated marketing communications campaign

`s Alexander Wang for H&M Brief Background H&M was launched back in 1947 in Sweden, however eventually the flagship stores were launched in Stockholm, Norway, Asian states and many other states around the globe. Today, the H&M group has become a brand which offers fashion products Weekday, Monki, COS and Cheap Monday among other brands. The brand is known for fast-fashion which sets trends in clothing for women, men, children and even teenagers. Currently, around 2, 629 stores have been launched globally while the central operation still functions from the company office in Sweden. The central office controls productions and merchandise operations while 800 factories are functional across Asia and Europe which function on the principles of horizontal labor. (Giertz & Keller 2012)
Furthermore, Alexander Wang is a fashion designer known for urban wear and has worked on various well renowned brands over the years. The most successful project includes Balenciaga Fall-winter 2013 line which she handled as the Creative Director for the company. Currently, she is engaged in the H&M fashion line which has stirred enough excitement in the fashion industry. Given the communications and advertising strategies of the era, she is herself involved with the marketing campaign where she is also contributing in her personal space as well. The line is utilizing social media as well as other engaging campaigns to appeal to a wider audience as a trend setting brand. (Forbes)
IMC Review
The current integrated marketing campaign readily got spiced up due to its affiliation with Alexander Wang, so much so that people had been looking forward to the launch long before the actual launch. Activation events have also been a common tool to generate excitement about the collection, for instance, the launch event at Coachella Music. Also, the look book was launched six months after the launch event, however, it was announced that the pieces were to be revealed only in November (Refinery29 2014). Furthermore, Wang herself instigated a rigorous campaign over Instagram where almost the entire line was launched over Instagram. Wang was intuitive enough and she demonstrated marketing intelligence by posting Rihanna`s casual debut line and keeping the audience in a mystery in terms of how the H&M line would be. Also, her hashtag #ALEXANDERWANGXHM has been quite popular on twitter. The success of the campaign may also be assessed from the fans line up for hours in Toronto to purchase the collection, while only a few got their hands on the collection (Toronto City News 2014). Thus, most of the frenzy was generated via social media, mostly through the personalized profile of Alexander Wang herself.
On assessing the strategy, a few generic conclusions may be made;
The Alexander Wang collection is relying solely on her personality, where she is the central figure around whom the entire marketing campaign has been revolving so far
The integration amongst electronic as well as social media is also being executed by Alexander Wang herself
The color black is the unique feature of the campaign and the entire marketing campaign gives a gothic, yet signature Alexander Wang look and feel which is clearly apparent over all mediums
The weakness of the campaign may also be spotted out since it lags behind on the vibrancy factor and is more a personality centered campaign (PopSugar 2014)
Thus, conclusively, as the name indicates Alexander Wang H&M integrated marketing campaigns centers around the designer herself where H&M has been using her credibility to run the entire campaign, which is a successful one so far.
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