Information technology timeline worksheet

Enables citizens to search the latest information on sex offenders. 2012 Emergency Weather Text Alerts Delivers emergency alerts to a cell phone of severe weather. These alerts are sent out to enhance public safety. The unique Remington and vibration will help a person to know the difference from a regular text message. 1994 Online Banking View balances, pay bills, make transfers, and deposit checks. Can elect to receive an e-statement this reduces the Isis of identity theft.

Bank on the go with a mobile phone or device. 1972 Electronic Medical Filing By filing the client’s records online it is easier to access them and they have less system errors. Nurses and human service personal won’t have to doth job over and ever again all they have to do is print the client’s record. 1965-1970 Decision support System This system Integrates organizational skills and human services to provide better service to clients.

By Integrating organization In human services, It has become easy to diagnose problems and find faster solutions to the client’s issues. 1999 Service Provider Platform It allows the use of credit cards to pay bills online. It makes payments easier from the convince of our houses, and now from every mobile. 1995 Allows customers to shop for merchandise or services from the comfort of their home. Using credit and debit cards. 1986/87 Token Ring LANA Technology IBM was able to discover the token-ring technology.

The technology was supporting LANA PC’s. The technology was short lived. 1986 Newark Worlds Prototype Magazine Launch The first ever IT Magazine was launched. The cover story dealt with the research and development of AT 1988 First Internet worm was launched Robert Morris was the creator of the worm also known as the ” great worm”. He was a student in Cornell University. He was sentenced to three years probation, 400 hours of community service, a fine of $10, 050 plus the costs of his supervision.