Information systems and information technology critical thinking example

Information Systems can be defined as a vast database talking about the systems aimed to create, store, control manipulate data, or distribute info and data. For instance, the components of an information system can include a word document reader or processor like the Microsoft word. This system entails a number of programs that work together to achieve a certain objective in the execution of instructions, that is, an information system works with dependency on entities. The modules involved in an Information System have been in existence even before the invention and utilization of computers, or in other words the term referred to as information technology.
An IS comprises of users who interact with the system and the various data entities that correlate and depend on each other. For example an information system can be represented by a pen and a paper as two different units in a system. When information is put down on the paper using writings conducted by the pen and then passed around via different users or personnel in an organization for information sharing purposes; this forms and signifies an information system.
On the other hand, Information technology is in the information systems section of study and implementation, but in overall has nothing to do with systems. Information technology deals with the tech expertise involved with the use of the in the systems themselves, for example an information system like wikipedia. com comprises several information technologies for its successful working and up keeping.
These techs include servers, where the data and information is stored, operating systems that run the servers programs and essential software. These software programs might include the web-server software, e. g. Apache or IIS. Others include programmed source code written for the web-server software like HTML, Ruby, VB, PHP, C#, PERL. Equally ones computer, the web browsers, and the various hardware components like the network cables, the network interface card, keyboard and mouse on it build up the parts of this information system.


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