Importance of teaching essay sample

The fast developing technology and the growth of the dot. com era required the need for more and more teachers especially in the basic education. Teachers are more needed today despite the flagging of internet in every family’s home. The education system itself has depended more and more on computer software that will simplify the work of the teachers to cope with the growing number of students and the decreasing number of teachers.

Because the development pace is fast, the traditional structure of the family is changed. Both parents find themselves needing to work leaving behind their children to be entertained by internet surfing and games. Parents may justify that the children are able to gain knowledge from the information provided in the internet. But using the internet without being guided by an adult may not help at all, in fact, it may be very dangerous.

Schools and universities both public and private, applied different strategies to cope with the growing demand for teachers. They go into distance learning, on-line education and all the sorts, which at the same time have grown very popular among students. Unfortunately, many teachers do not have the expertise to use computer programs especially those who have reached middle age, who refuse to go through the tedious computer training.

Aside from creating more demand for teachers, there has been a trend of teachers leaving the occupation. This was so because of the unattractive salary and wage package. Teachers complain of having to go through an expensive education to develop teaching expertise, and would have to give so much effort to teaching that the payment they receive for their services is not compensating. They end up finding other occupations where they would easily qualify and get better salaries for lesser efforts.

Indeed, the work of a teacher is very difficult and those who stay in the profession are those that have devoted themselves to helping others not minding the minimal salaries they get. Teaching is more of a vocation and for the schools and universities, they would be lucky to find good teachers who would stay despite the unattractive salaries.

It is therefore a challenge for the education system to straighten this problem to balance the supply and demand of teachers in the profession. The government has to move fast before the problem worsens and find our children molded with knowledge, skills and attitudes prompted by computer software or even computer robots replacing most sought after teachers.


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