Importance of physical education essay examples

Speech to the Virginia convention

It is my duty today to make known to all of you the importance of exercise and particularly physical education in our institutions of learning. You will agree with me that it feels really nice to be in good state of health both physically and mentally. That it feels really good to walk with your shoulders high feeling strong and health. Well I must say that this state of being does not just come with some miracle or a wish. Each and every one of us must take the initiative of exercising and supplementing the exercise with good diet while avoiding harmful products like cigarettes to achieve this state of being.

Education in our schools should not only be oriented towards academics only. Physical education should be a mandatory part of our education curriculums. This is because, if the body is not in a good state of both mental and physical health, then an individual cannot concentrate in class and thus resulting to poor academic grades. Health practitioners recommend daily exercise to enable proper circulation of oxygen in our bodies. Proper oxygen circulation keeps us active as the brain which is the nerve center of the body is constantly stimulated.

Exercise also prevents some lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart attacks. Other than keeping our bodies strong and health, proper physical education can help identify exceptional talents in our schools thus creating careers for such individuals. Many of our sportsmen you will all agree with me had their talents nurtured while still in school. I need not mention them here since it would take the whole day and another to complete the list.

It therefore should not be an issue under contention that physical education should be mandatory. A little exercise would hurt no one but would go a great deal in creating a healthy nation.