Importance for hiring for a new position

Running Head: Importance of Hiring on a New Position Importance of Hiring on a New Position Sociology [Pick the The primary requirements for the vacancy of Sales Manager are experience, technical knowledge and an impressive personality, a person that can not only communicate well with the clients but also represent the company at technical conferences, exhibitions and seminars.
Based on the interviews conducted, alignment of attributes with job requirements and reference checks, I would hire Ms. Joypti as our Sales Manager. She is a seasoned professional with specific sales experience of wireless equipments with impressive interpersonal skills along with the ability to socialize and acquire business on professional grounds. Her past experience is enriched with many achievements related to increasing revenues through training sales personal. In my interview with her I found her, a friendly person with high energy, strong eye contact with an ability to deliver relevant information in bits (Alter, 2011). Her unique training experience can be leveraged greatly by us with her presence in various sales events such as conferences and exhibitions. She understands the needs of the customers and has interacted with directed customers during her tenure at the wireless phone company’s regional sales office.
She has agreed to traveling and attending even several meetings in a day. It is usually observed that candidates with basic experience of store sales fail to do well in corporate sales although in Joyti’s case I found out that her knowledge about equipments used by corporations was extensive and impressive. She has the knowledge and ability to connect well with people coming from various backgrounds and cultures, this qualifies her as a meritorious candidate. I found her an extremely motivated, articulate and passionate team member, whose contribution as a Sales Person would benefit our company immensely.
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