Implications pertaining to facebook and its encouragement of personal self-efficacy

The paper ” Implications Pertaining To Facebook and Its Encouragement of Personal Self-Efficacy” is a wonderful example of an education essay.
The findings in this study could be implemented in a classroom (for practice implication) as teachers could use Facebook to encourage personal self-efficacy. Through the creation of learning groups, instructors can design user-generated content sites as well as online societies, which depict learner’s desire to be part of a procedure for success. Learners look for groups where they belong without discrimination and Facebook acts as one such group (Baumeister & Leary, 1995). Facebook permits individuals to come up with groups as well as join the groups without putting any limitations on the personality as well as the content of the groups (Baumeister & Leary, 1995). Such measures are likely to draw learners and increase their personal self-efficacy as they are aware that they belong and are members of the group. This is because the groups created, for instance, the English learning group, consisting of like-minded people, learners who want to enhance their English learning skills, which impacts their attitude in regard to the site and avails them with the opportunity to confidently interact. Instructors can use Facebook as a practice platform for students, which increases the student’s understanding of what they have been taught. Learners could understand and improve their learning skills by listening to their teachers. However, they need to practice what has been taught so as to ensure that they do not forget. Research shows that students who are able to remember what they have been taught are more likely to have greater confidence and belief in learning, which in turn increases their understanding and urge to learn more things (Ajzen & Fishbein, 1980). Hence, Facebook groups can be used to encourage personal self-efficacy among learners, since they use the groups to practice what has been trained to them. This, in turn, increases their understanding and beliefs in getting to know that they will improve their skills.