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Crime and Punishment al Affiliations Introduction Nursing being a profession, it has a body that governs nurse’s routine and giving them guidelines on effectual ways of carrying out their practice. One function of the nursing board is the disciplinary and licensure or the guarantee action. In Maryland state board of nursing, it is mandated to protect the citizen’s health, interests, and safety through efficient and effective nursing regulation and control. On the disciplinary measure, the states board is involved in deny or denial of license function and other disciplinary act such as suspension, licensure revocation, and prohibition of an individual to participate in care delivery (Minimum standards and guiding principles for collegiate schools of nursing in Maryland, 2005).
The disciplinary and guarantee action that has been taken by the states board of nursing council for duration of may 1 2010 to July 10 2010 were about 200 cases. Previous to the states board arrives to the concluding verdict on individual’s case, there are measures, which are stated and followed in order to arrive at the final decision. If the board receives a case or information that a nurse has violated the stipulated laws, the nursing board will eventually carry out investigation on complain. Before the verdict is determined about nitpick, the nurse is given a room to a due process that requires availing of enough notice, the description of the charges, and the chance for a hearing (Maryland State Board of Nursing, 2009).
If the evidence provided does not support the allegation, complains putted forward will be dismissed. On the other hand, when the evidence matches or support the allegations, the disciplinary measures to be given to the nurse will include reprimand, denial, probation, fine, suspension, and the revocation of the nurse certificate. The penalty given or disciplinary measures given will depend on the recency of the offence and severity, the degree to which an individual diverted from the required standard, previous disciplinary history, individual ability to practice safely, and the mitigating factors (Nurse Practice Act: chapter 632: Maryland revised statutes and administrative code, 2008).
Previous hearing
According to the disciplinary action given to Rogers Michelle license number R131222, his license was canceled for duration of five years. The main reasons to the disciplinary action give to the nurse was that; he violated the stipulated nurses act, being involved in unprofessional conduct, and use of drugs while at duty. According to the board, the nurse has been screen positive several times on drug use, also, cases on mistreat of patients while at duty (Mason & Chaffee, 2012).
In agreement to the standard of care, a nurse is not supposed to be under influence of drugs while at duty. The nurse is supposed to conduct themselves appropriately, while at their duty and respect patient, as they deliver quality care as required by the standards of nursing. Therefore, in using the predetermined standard, the evidenced provided showed that the nurse was violating them, hence, the board found necessary to give disciplinary measure, revocation of license for duration of five years (Mason & Chaffee, 2012).
Measures to prevent malpractice
There are numerous measures, which nursing board has taken in order to prevent cases of malpractices among the practicing nurses. One of the main measures is to provide the requisite standard to both students and practicing nurses and penalty involved in the violation of the standards. The board is also involved heavily in assessing nurse’s conduct while at their duty. Moreover, the body arranges programs for nurse to be trained for effective practice.
Each state has the board that governs nursing practice, while at their duties. The body stipulates the standards required to be met and penalties or disciplinary measures in accordance to the offence an individual has committed. Some the disciplinary actions include reprimand, denial, probation, fine, suspension, and the revocation of the nurse certificate.
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