Human growth and developement

Ageism is the term used to refer to discrimination against people based on their age, and stereotyping on the same. In the media, the issue of ageism has come up in recent times due to the practice of discriminating the aged, middle-aged, teenagers and children on various grounds related to their age. This is where humorists and comedians avoid making jokes on racial, disability and sexist grounds, but feels okay to bare their bias and negative attitude to those they consider unworthy of their respect (Radio Times 2012). This is by attacking the target group with harsh comments. In nursing cases, ageism applies in employment and experience where some of the junior and senior members of the nursing profession deny one another respect. This is evident in cases where younger nurses in the industry attempt to correct the mistakes committed by their seniors despite their experience. This is because; the juniors usually leave their training institutions with newer skills and knowledge than their experienced counterparts. As a result, the older and more experienced nurses discriminate the information relayed to them given that their juniors are younger, and thus have no new information to hand on to them.
Personality traits
Big 5 personality traits are the five basic dimensions of any individual’s personality and are a broad classification of personality, whereby agreeableness refers to the ability to be trustworthy, kind and affectionate while neuroticism points emotional instability, anxiety and moodiness. On the other hand, openness and conscientiousness refer to the ability to be insightful and thoughtful, respectively. For effective nursing, it is crucial to have an appropriate combination such as extraversion meaning excitability, sociability and talkativeness, agreeableness, openness and conscientiousness. These come in handy in nursing in terms of catering for the needs of their patients emotionally through social and high emotional expression.
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