How people can improve their communities

It is important for people to make better choices for their health and wellbeing status (Cohn, 2013). However, the government can influence the behavior of people to enhance their status. For instance, it could provide a channel for people to pay their taxes efficiently. If people do not evade or avoid paying taxes, the government could develop more health facilities for better services and easy access. When it comes to health choices, it is the decision of the people to determine and work around their health issues. For instance, they could develop a habit of exercising and embracing the proper diet to avoid the effects of obesity.
In addition, individuals need a sense of security in their neighborhood. The existences of criminal activities create great concern for the people in the community. The people in the community can aid in addressing security concerns in various ways. Firstly, people can learn to identify criminal activities in the community. Secondly, people can set up a watch scheme for the local community. This involves collaborating with the security agencies to make communities safer by the provision of information on any suspected crime (Cohn, 2013). Finally, people could enhance their security through active participation with the local security authority. The provision of support to the security authority could improve the community’s security status.
Furthermore, people can aid in the improvement of the community’s physical environment. To address the challenges of the environment, people in the community need to strengthen their abilities in relation to the conservation of natural resources. This could occur through securing their capacities and knowledge in becoming their environmental stewards (Cohn, 2013). The people could also become innovative in the implementation of different strategies. Such strategies could be used for the expansion of the conservation of the environment in the community.
In conclusion, the government is committed to improving the living standards of its people. However, people could provide efficient services for the improvement of their communities. They could participate actively in paying taxes to enable the government to develop health facilities. Moreover, they could participate actively in the provision of criminal information in support of the security agencies in the reduction of crime in the community. Finally, they could participate actively in the conservation of their environment. Therefore, in relation to improving communities, people indeed have a greater role.