Hota summer assignment

States’ history from 1492 to the sass, the starting point of this course. This assignment will be due on the first day of class and will be graded with the rubric below. TO DO: 1. Read chapters 1-8 in Zion’s A People’s History of the united States. For each chapter do the following: 2. Analyze and reflect on Zion’s viewpoint in the chapter. Explain Zion’s opinion on the event(s) in the chapter, and explain what you think about Zion’s opinion. (How does Zinc portray the event(s)? What spin did he put on history that maybe wouldn’t be In a traditional Interpretation of history such as a codebook?

Do you agree with Kilns Interpretation or do you think he’s leaving things out that may change a person’s viewpoint? ) Note: this is not a chapter summary. You should mention the main topics of the chapter, but only in order to explain Zion’s opinion on those topics. For example for Chapter 1 think about the following: What is Zion’s opinion of Columbus and early European settlers in the Americas? What is Zion’s opinion on exploration and conquest? How does Zinc view the Native Americans? Etc. This should be no more than one page (double spaced) In length. 3.

Explain the meaning and significance of the title of each chapter. Why do you think Zinc titled the chapter as he did? What is he saying though the chapter title? Keep in mind Zinc is often sarcastic. This should be a few sentences in length. After doing 1-3: 4. After you complete the assignment above for chapters 1-8, please write a catchy one-line aphorism, a short catchy statement of a truth or opinion, to describe the history of the united States from 1492 to 1840(sis) according to Mr.. Zinc. You only need to write one aphorism, not one per chapter. Be prepared to comment on your aphorism in class on Day 1.

You only need one aphorism for the entire book, not an aphorism for each chapter. An example of an aphorism is, “ Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. ” Of course this aphorism Is not historical In Also: I will grade grammar, spelling and punctuation along with content, so please do not throw this together last minute. Proofreading is essential. Plagiarism will result in serious consequences. It is better to do this assignment on your own to the best of your own ability than to plagiarism from the Internet or from another student.

Have a great summer!!! – Mrs.. Oddball Summer Assignment Rubric Total Possible Points = 50 Each chapter will be graded based on the rubric below with 2 points reserved for scoring the aphorism. Each chapter is worth 6 points Category Incomplete Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Outstanding Writing Style and Grammar O marks ()-. 5 marks: Writing is not at grade level or shows a complete lack of proofreading with many grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors that confuse the meaning of what is written. 1-1. 5 marks: Writing is at grade level.

Has some errors in writing that are appropriate for grade level. The meaning of the writing can be well understood. 1. 5 marks: Writing exceeds grade level. Shows charisma and sophisticated use of language. Is concise and non- repetitive while still capturing the full meaning of the chapter. Zion’s viewpoint and reflection 0-1 marks: Student does not seem understand Zion’s viewpoint and makes little attempt to reflect on the chapter. 1. 5-2. 5 marks: Student has a vague understanding of Zion’s viewpoint and has attempted to reflect on the chapter. Arks: Student understands Zion’s point of view and has a well-thought out reflection of the chapter. Chapter Title O-. 5 marks: Student has tried to determine the meaning of the chapter title but makes no attempt to substantiate with facts from the chapter.