Hospitality management major: baking class

I wouldn’t say that I have not worked in the field of hospitality management at all. The one particular time that I engaged myself significantly in the field is when I prepared frosted eggs and served several customers that in my neighborhood for some months. Up to date, I receive their orders and serve them accordingly. Much of the cooking at home is done by the maid but I take a special interest in baking.
I enjoy making pastry puffs; well, they are my favorite. Although I would not consider myself a skilled baker, I bake relatively well despite not being in a baking class before.
Keeping time and making sure that one is always on time, such as delivering orders in time, while in the hospitality industry is very essential. It is particularly important in the efficiency improvement for the parties involved. It helps in reducing the waiting time which consequently maintains a competitive advantage (Sian 2009, p. 243).
Professionalism is the competence one exhibits in his/her field of specialization. The competence can earn one respect from the good judgment that he/she elicits from his/her clients. However, professionalism is not just achieved easily but devotion and discipline while training is paramount. Therefore, I will be devoted to my course of learning especially in the pastry lab in order to achieve competence in the field.