Horse and pig meat in frozen burgers essays example

The scandal affected many parties that were either directly or indirectly involved in the meat supply and retail. The involved parties include Tesco supplies, the supermarkets, Ireland food standard officials, liffey Meats and Silvercrest Meats suppliers and customers. Tesco supplies, as a business, have to be careful of the products they sell to customers. They are partially responsible for the pig and horse in the burgers. The Irish officials also have to explain why supply of wrong type of meat passed their attention. The meat suppliers would have to explain where the pig and the horse meat came from in their supplies. More to that, the sales violated the customers’ethics
Tesco has no right to blame its suppliers. The store is solely responsible for the products it sells to its customers. It should have the quality of the products checked before proceeding to sell to customers. From a descriptive perspective point of view, it is only the Prime Minister who acted right. He stood up for the moral standards of the people. However, from a normative point of view, Tesco supplies, Liffey Meats and Silvercrest all did what they had to do to protect their businesses. This was to deny responsibility.
Tesco retailers did not do what it should have done. The company only shifted the blame to its suppliers. Contrary, the company should have issued a report to the public on how it was going to handle the issue and see to it that the same was bot repeated in the future. The suppliers too were irresponsible as they too, just as Tesco retailers, gave no report on how they would handle the matter. The Tesco C. E. O claims of the suppliers having lied are also relevant in his case. How it could bypass his retail shop that he was selling wrong meat, is a question left unanswered.