Homework helpers and school savers

Schools across the country are adapting to the new idea of the “ One to One” program, which “ refers to academic institutions, such as schools or colleges, issuing each enrolled student an electronic device in order to access the Internet, digital course materials and digital textbooks” (Wikipedia). I have possesseda school issued laptop since halfway through my freshman year in highschool, so I have had about a year to discover websites and applications that can assist me productively for school. Having school issued laptops as an available resource makes it possible for students to expand their learning styles thanks to many apps and websites that have been created specifically for this purpose.

One of the most popular websites that helps students with memorization skills is Quizlet. com. Students are commonly responsible for learning definitions, formulas, languages and concepts that are most effectively memorized with repetition. The website lets its users create their own online flashcards that can be studied in a number of ways, including typing the word or definition, taking practice tests, and playing various typing and matching games. Not to mention this tool helps to greatly reduce paper waste due to students not having to write out hundreds of flashcards. This website also has an application, so the user’s study material can be available on the go, and is equally as effective as when used online.

I have used Quizlet in every core subject, and even my world language class because memorization has been a prime focus of my Italian teacher, along with a majority of my other teachers. Evernote is an app that is commonly used in schools for note taking using text and pictures, and has recently been updated to allow voice recordings into the notes. This app is available on computers and mobile devices. When a user saves a note, it syncs to all of the devices connected to that account, so the notes are available wherever wifi or cellular data can be accessed. I have Evernote installed on both my home and school laptops, along with my cellphone.

It is very helpful to have an online notebook, especially when I can access it from multiple devices and sync my information to them. Not only has this app been convenient, it also lightens the weight of my backpack by about four notebooks, so that is always a plus. An additional website and app that has been used in schools isGoogleDrive. Google Drive is available to all Gmail users, and allows for documents, presentations, drawings, spreadsheets and forms to be created and shared with other users. There is also the option to upload folders and files from one’s computer, so assignments can be backed up right onto Google Drive.

This website and application is popular with group projects and presentations and assignments that need to be accessed from various technological devices. I have been using Google Drive since the sixth grade and it has been one of my most used websites and apps because of how user friendly it is, and the fact that many parties can access a document or presentation at once makes this website even more effective. One website that is often referenced to for math and science help is Khan Academy. com. The site is equipped with various detailed step by step and informational notes, and can be accessed for every subject. I have found Kahn Academy to help me a great amount with math courses that I have taken.

I use the resource to review for tests and quizzes, or I as a homework helper for topics that I am unsure of. Although this is not a website that I refer to very often, when I do choose to do some extra practice problems or get clarification, it helps me immensely. At a majority of schools, the passing of a world language course is mandatory to graduate. This regulation being in place, foreign language dictionaries have become a necessity as well. Popular websites include Google Translate. com and WordReference. com. These online dictionaries translate words, sentences, and supply the user with conjugations of verbs and sentence examples. Although not always one hundred percent accurate, Google Translate has been a life saver for me in my Italian class over the years when I have had to write essays, dialogues, and scripts for verbal projects. In english and history classes, for assignments involving the use of various sources, citation pages are always mandatory. Two of the most helpful apps and websites for students to create citations with is Easybib. com and Citation Machine. com. Both of these websites allow citations to be created in MLA or APA format, and they are user friendly with a plethora of source options to choose from. I regularly use Easybib for my MLA citations, and with just copying and pasting the link from an online source, the website can automatically cite most of the source for the user, with usually only a few parts to manually type in. It makes creating citations much faster, and less tedious, which lifts a weight off my shoulders because it is one less thing to stress over in school. English class regularly involves readings that could cause a need of clarification to the user.

Websites such as Shmoop. com and Spark Notes. com posses information on a large portion of common books, that include summaries, analyses, character descriptions and videos to help the reader better comprehend the writing. I often use Sparknotes after reading a chapter of an assigned reading book for english class, to help me clarify the information that I was just presented with. I also regularly use Sparknotes and Shmoop before an test in my english class to review main ideas and important events that took place in the book. These two websites have helped a great deal with my comprehension of my assigned readings, and I am sure my grades might be a little lower if I lacked these helpful resources.

I have used these websites and applications at home for schoolwork, and now thanks to the One to One program, I have access to these resources in all of my classes now too. These online resources are also popular among my peers, andmost of my teachers have recommended them to students too. Laptops in school open a new world of opportunities and supply an endless amount of materials that assist students with their course work for school and make life a little easier because of how easy to use and helpful they are.