Homeless graduates and joblessness

Homelessness defines a situation in which a person or afamilyis living without a home to have their privacy. A home is a basic requirement for every individual to live their life comfortably. It is a place where individual’s basic requirements are fulfilled and provide a healthfulenvironment. In USA it must be a legally owned place to have a safe condition for living. Currently in United States there are many people who are homeless and among them many our graduates and educated people who do not have living. They might be an individual with no other support or a family with not enough resources to rent or buy a house.

The term homelessness is not just limited to the meaning of “ without a home”, but it has a very broad meaning covering mostly that population who is without a job, has no living, no support, and might be suffering fromhealthissues. Such homeless graduates either live on streets or shelters. Such people may suffer from a mental illness or physical illness due to lack of safety health measures and support. They may face a number of psychological and physiological problems.


This is the major cause of homeless graduates. They do not get adequate job and earnings to have their own home. Such guys spend their time on streets, bars, shelters, and many other such places. The one or the other way they just waste their time. Joblessness may be due to their low score at school, any kind of disorder, inability to cope with job and inadequate pay.

Mental illness

Homeless graduates might be suffering from mental illness and psychological problems likedepression, stress, insomnia, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and criminal activities. According to one study around 40% of these homeless graduates suffer from various mental ailments. A number of studies have shown that suicidal rate is also high in such individuals.

Drug & alcohol abuse

Drug abuse and alcohol abuse are the two major problems with homeless graduates. As they do not have a job and most of their time is wasted in bars and streets they easily get addicted with drugs and alcohol.

Due to increasingly stress for work and pay they become psychologically depressed. The only way they find out is to have some kind of addiction in order to forget their worries. Such graduates when start on drugs and alcohol are usually unaware of its damaging outcomes and health hazards.

Hospital and medical expenditure

Due to excessive health hazards their expenses for stay at the hospital and medicines are also very high. These expenses are usually bear by the shelters where they live or donation by charity organizations.

Marital status

Their marital status is also at doldrums. As they cannot support their spouse and children, they easily get differences with them. Strategies to solve this increasing problem of homelessness is first to give them adequateeducationto improve their grades in college. Every graduate must be assured of a job after they complete their education. Graduates can be hired as trainee at first to give them proper training after school to get acquainted with their job. Homeless graduates must have enough support that should cover their health problems. In addition, their environment must be safe enough in order to prevent any health hazards.

Educating such people about hazards of drug and alcohol abuse:

As they’re not aware of the damaging effects of drugs and alcohol they start consuming them in abundance. Later when they encounter several health problems it becomes really problematic for the shelter supporting staff and the individual himself to manage health issues. If measures will be taken to inform them about the dangerous effects of drugs and alcohol then heavy costs of treatment can be saved.

The reason for writing this letter is to bring to your awareness these problems in homeless people is every growing. It must be noted that if the concerned authorities do not take appropriate measure to stop this problem then this situation can become adverse. As more and more people are graduating and homeless kids are reaching their youth this problem does not seem to be ending. If a homeless person remains jobless and homeless for long period of time then they can become more, dependant, dysfunctional and a burden to a society.

It is of utmost importance that some steps must be taken at your earliest to stop ever growing problems of homeless graduates. The first thing is that to enhance their education, bring awareness about hazards of drugs and alcohol, brining health awareness, awareness about exercising and methods to become more useful. The most important point is that they must participate in any type of activities. Like communal activities, sports activities and volunteer their time in supporting others with handicap. If a person can become a useful individual of a society in any form then it will be a spiritual satisfaction and a peace of mind for both the individual and the society.


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