Hitler was a bad leader

One of the most controversial topics in history is whether or not Hitler was a good leader; to this I say he wasn’t. During Hitler’s reign of power, more like reign of terror, he may have brought success to the world but none of it can undo his damage; none can ever compensate for the lives he took. Hitler was a terrible leader in that he manipulated the young, he was very hypocritical, and he caused the Jewish Holocaust. Hitler may have done more damage than good; however, he did know what he was doing. Hitler knew he needed supporters, and so he went to the people who would be the easiest to bring to his side. According to Hitler himself in his speech at Reichsparteitag in 1935, “ He alone, who owns the youth, gains the Future! ” Hitler’s manipulation of the youth succeeded into misleading an entire generation of idealistic German boys with the idea of racial and national superiority. Hitler strongly believed that any race or appearance different from what he claimed perfect, which was to be blonde with blue eyes, were to be destroyed. He used these “ perfection” of people to become his base of support to help him carry out his barbaric attacks and later the holocaust. The young children did not know any better than to listen to their leader, so they acted without question, basically willingly helping him commit his sickening mass murder. The fact that he chose to manipulate younger children shows how pathetic he really was in that he wanted them because they were easier. Aside from his manipulating of innocent children to become his personal slaves, another reason he was a horrific leader was that he was a hypocrite. Hitler is most known for his act of murdering thousands of Jews because they were not blonde with blue eyes, but in reality, who is he to judge? Last time I checked, Hitler wasn’t even German but Austrian with black hair. This shows that he was an extremely racist man in that he attempted to take out an entire race because they were not his preferred ethnicity. This also shows that he was not fit to be a leader in that leaders are supposed to practice equality of all people, and are supposed to be of exemplary character. Seeing how he let his racist ways control him into committing such horrendous crimes just adds to how bad of a leader he really was. When someone first hears the name Hitler, there is usually a strong negative connotation that comes with it in that most people relate him directly to being the cause of the holocaust. The first reason he should never have been leader was that any person with such a sick and compulsive mind should never be in power. Already having such a fixed mindset, it should have been known that he would only do damage with his power. According to those around him, Hitler’s reasoning for the killing was that Jews were the cause of Germany’s problems. First of all, with no actual proof, it shows that Hitler acted on feeling instead of reason which obviously would only lead to downfalls. It also shows that he was a liar, and never should a country have such a ruler. Even if it is what he believed, it also shows he acted on impulse and simply what he believed instead of what was for the good of everyone. However, if he would still try to persuade people that he believed it really was for the good of all, it then just shows how he had the worst judgment and should not have been named ruler. Hitler was one of the worst rulers in our history because of his lack of good judgment and because of his wrong doings. Hitler gained support through the manipulation of innocent minds, which shows he was weak. He lived and spoke through hypocrisy, especially when he acted in killing thousands of Jews because of something they could not change. Hitler may have had some minimal success in adding to the world, but his injustices will forever shame him into being a horrible leader.