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The Japanese letter

This letter has been written by a Christian traveler who is travelling distant lands and visiting different kingdoms in order to spread the word of Christian faith. One such instance where he goes to Japan has been elaborately described here. The lifestyle of Japanese people has been described vividly stressing on their love for swords and weapons, armory and other warlike materials. One of the most striking facts about the Japanese is the hollowness of their religion that is superficial and governed by bonzes that are not spiritual in nature.
The letter describes the way in which bonzes try to take alms from people by deceiving them into believing in false things. It was easy for the traveler to baptize a substantial number of people as they did not have a rooted religion. Although these people did question the existence of God and the reasons associated to his existence, he managed to answer all their queries mainly due to the hollowness in their religion.
The Japanese, however, were deeply grieved by the concept of hell for people who did not lead a righteous life and as such expressed their concern and grief for their family members who might have ended in the dark dungeons of hell. Their tears were shocking as they lamented over something that couldn’t be undone. The main reason for this was the Japanese religion that did not believe in the existence of a supernatural being, but considered the Japanese people to be the root existence of everything.
The traveler then moved on to India, to meet his family members. He even carried some gifts extended to the Viceroy by the King of Boungo and as such received good hospitality in India too. He expresses his intent to visit the land of Chinese and get to know them, thereby trying to influence their minds with the principles and teachings of Christianity.