Hie assignment

Health Information Exchange for the of Utah s Hospitals, health care insurers, local health departments, physicians, hospitals, laboratories, health centers, and state agencies, as well as other interested parties that have combined with a common goal of reducing the costs of health care costs in addition to enhancing the quality of care through the utilization of electronic data interchange (U. S Department of Health and Human Services, 2015). Electronic exchange is considered as an efficient, a secure, and cost-effective way to get information to where it is required and when it is needed (Hoyt, Bailey, & Yoshihashi, 2012). The health information exchange for the state of Utah is called the clinical health information exchange (cHIE). Utah has been having a statewide health administrative data exchange ever since 1993. Utah initiated the clinical health information exchange in order to support reform in health care. The major participants of cHIE are specialty physicians, payers, ambulatory centre, laboratory, pharmacy, public health, hospitals and the primary care physicians among others. The clinical health information exchange (cHIE) aims at improving health care quality of Utah’s populace receive by making it very easy for the clinicians to view crucial information about the patient irrespective of where someone receives medical care in Utah (Utah Department of Health, 2012). Some of the crucial information to be accessed by health care providers consists of allergies, current medications, current lab results, and health problems.
Most people are now able to receive the best and safest care since their health care provider knows about their chronic conditions and allergies. Increased connectivity rates between electronic health records (EHRs) and cHIE. The future implementations of cHIE is to adopt a formative evaluation format so as to track and inform the development of the HIE.
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