Help to the third world countries

Help to the third world countries
Superpower like United States should change how they help third world countries. Instead of giving aids that only provides temporary relief, US should help third world countries help themselves. This could be done by giving more aid towards education. Currently, US is not doing enough because it only donate $2. 3 million which is considered as second to the smallest donations. In comparison, other superpower countries such as United Kingdom have donated $676 million while Australia gave $419 million. Clearly US need to change the way it helps third world countries by increasing its donation towards education.
US needs to change the way it gives donation from giving relief aid to education so that third world countries will become less dependent for foreign aid. When US provides more funds for education, it has the effect of reducing poverty thus making the aid lesser in the future because third world countries can already help themselves. Education teaches knowledge and skills that enables people to make a living that would better their lives and communities.
Unlike giving relief aid, giving donation towards education has economic returns for the beneficiary. According to the article of Hugh Evans, the years added to the education of children has an equivalent of 0. 37 percent. He also added that if secondary education is higher by 10 percent that the average, war is reduced by around 3 percent. This means that giving aid in education provides economic benefit as well as peace.
It would even be better if the aid given to education is extended to young girls. In the same report of Evans, it showed that by educating young girls, it will also have the effect of lowering infant mortality rates. And since there are more babies growing to become adults, crop harvest increases because there are more help to do the harvest. It follows then that when there are more harvest, there is more income that will be earned by a family to improve their lives.
The best way to do foreign aid is to focus it towards education. It is because it helps people help themselves and make them less dependent to others. Therefore, their benefit is more permanent compared to temporary relief by other form of aids. It is even said that if children will be taught basic educational skills such as reading, there will already be 171 million that will exit from poverty. Today, there are still many children who have not completed their primary school and changing the way US give foreign aid from temporary relief to education can make a difference in the lives of this children and their community. The world will also become more peaceful because study showed that education lower the risk of conflict. This way, US will no longer be that concern for defense because terror will no longer have a breeding ground. Terrorism and other source of conflict and crime only breeds on poverty. Removing poverty will also have the effect of removing conflict, crime and terrorism
Given the benefit of changing foreign aid from temporary relief to giving more to education, nations like the US should change how they help third world countries. Its benefits are numerous. First, it enables the receiving population to make a living that will better their lives and community. Second, it has the effect of reducing poverty and conflict as education contributes to the reduction of wars. There is also a good opportunity to invest now in education because there are still millions of children who has not completed even their primary education. If US will change the way they give foreign aid towards education, countries will need less foreign aid in the future because there will be less poverty and people are more capable to help themselves. And it follows that if there is less poverty, there will be less conflict and terror will no longer have a breeding ground to grow. So if US will change its way of giving donations from temporary relief to education, our world will become more prosperous and peaceful.