Health class

This class sucks. It’s pointless.

“ Why do we have it as a class, I don’t even pay attention.” Everyone often hear these comments in the hallway or in the actual class of health. Most kids don’t need health class when they are young because they don’t even know what half of the words mean. But all in all that’s the point of the class! To learn all the words and all the things we should do to keep healthy and live the life you should. When you hit 8th-9th grade is where you need to step it up a notch and pay attention because it will help you throughout life. That’s why today I will be talking about: The type of teacher that should be teaching, the type of topics you should and shouldn’t talk about, and why we need the class in general.

The type of teacher that teaches the class has to be comfortable teaching certain topics like sex and what diseases a person can get from having sex. If the teacher is not comfortable with teaching it, not making it totally suck, and not laugh/chuckle awkwardly during certain moments of the class. It gets very irritating. If they want to teach the class don’t expect the students in the class to behave. Kids that age are not going to be angels. Making it fun to learn makes kids want to learn it or at the least pay attention.

Kids don’t want to sit there and listen to the teacher blab about everything that is bad for kids and adults. 45% of students don’t pay attention in health class because they just sit and listen to an uncomfortable teacher showing facts on a slide about depression or diseases that people get from having sex. They want to work with there friends and do group projects together. For example I know a teacher who laughs bitterly when she tries to break the tension in the classroom because she made it so tense. Next, talking about the type of topics that teachers tell the kids what’s bad for them.

For example when they talk like drinking is worse than heroin. They show all these slides on what it does where it gets to be overwhelming. In 2015 there were 9, 967 were killed do to drunk driving and over 250, 000 were injured according to madd. What teachers rarely say in the segment of drinking is adults can try it just don’t get out of hand. The teachers or whoever over exaggerate the stuff they talk about.

Yes drugs are bad for kids and we shouldn’t do them, but we don’t need to learn about them for a whole month. No one wants to sit in a room and stare at slides for 54 minutes. Lastly, “ what do we need health class for?”, is a question that kids often ask. Parents often step in and tell them why they need health class. Health class is no longer required in texas since may 25 2011. Not saying that health class is bad for kids or it’s pointless but kids don’t remember many things from elementary school and the one thing they are not going to want to remember is health class.

According to hufford impact 76% of students don’t remember health class. When they are older they will think back to health in high school and say “ ya health class really saved me from doing some bad things in school.” That saying, is only if the class is fun enough to remember about. So in conclusion next time you say bad stuff about health you might want to just be quiet because you need health. To know important things about your body.

But teachers if you want to teach make it fun and don’t make it more awkward then it is. Like Add some projects in for them to do and present on healthy foods or bad drugs for them. So next time you want to say health sucks, that class is pointless, maybe think twice before saying something negative. It could save you from making bad choices down the road.