Harvard-hosted implicit association test (iat)

Harvard-Hosted Implicit Association Test (IAT) What was the result of your IAT? After taking the Harvard-Hosted Implicit Association Test (IAT) that focus on the Asian American – European American IAT, the results revealed that one’s “ data suggest little or no association between Asian American and European American with American and Foreign” (IAT Corporation 1). Therefore, the current paper would hereby respond to the following questions:
Do you think that the test produced valid results in your case?
No, I felt that the results did not accurately identify applicability to one’s personal case since one hardly made errors in association (maybe just one or two). When compared to other web respondents who took the test, a total of 24% generated the same result as mine.
In your opinion, is it difficult to accurately measure prejudice? Why or why not?
In one’s opinion, it is difficult to accurately measure prejudice because more factors need to be incorporated and integrated in facets where prejudices and discrimination are predominant or still currently being practiced.
Describe other measurements sociologists utilize to calculate prejudice.
Sociologists could use other measurements ranging from survey-questionnaires, controlled observation, and other physio-demographic tests that could gauge preferences and diversities in perceptions according to race, ethnic orientation, culture, and other demographic factors, as deemed necessary.
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