Hanging bad study habits to good study habits

Case Study on Changing My Bad Study Habits to Good Study Habits I recently rolled out a case study on myself inorder to change my bad study habits to good ones. Being in the first week of the study, I have set specific objectives to attain weekly goals and in addition, I have also assigned different types of punishment on myself if I indulge in the bad study habits.
During the first week, my objective will be to make sure that I get a proper understanding of the material being presented by the instructors. In order to achieve this, I will make sure that I read on the topics to be taught before the lesson starts. I normally do not bother checking the course outline in order to familiarize myself with the topics of discussion before the class time. If I find myself doing the same, I will take a punishment of not listening to music in the evening and utilize the time to skim on the topics to be taught latter.
Apart from making myself conversant with the topics to be taught, I will also start making short notes in class as the instructor continues to expound points in the relevant topic. On the normal days, I depend on the lecture notes given out by the instructor after the lesson, which at times are difficult to understand due to large amounts of information contained in them. Lastly I will increase my daily study time from one hour to three hours in a day with two hours in the evening from 7pm to 9pm and one hour in the morning from 6am to 7am. This will enable me to revisit the topics taught during the day in the evening and again skim on topic to be taught in the morning.
On the second week, my objective will be to improve on my revision skills. To achieve this, first I will make my evening study time to be the revision time. I understand most concepts in the evening especially after revisiting topics trained during the day. In addition to revision in the evening, I will join study groups in order to seek clarification on issues that I do not clearly understand. The study group will be based on subject and should contain at least five members. Failure to attend the study group session will be punishable by withdrawal from a local movie library, where I get my favourite movies to watch over most weekends.
Lastly, during the third week, my objective will be to ensure that I adequately prepare for my exams. In order to be adequately prepared, I will make sure that I keep off the last minute cramming of ideas by following the methods discussed above. I will also make sure that I read and understand the contents in various topics. In addition, I will prioritize my studies in terms of time spend during the revision and setting the mood for study. I normally grasp ideas easily in the evening after resting a little after classes. Therefore, I will ensure that this is the time to carry out revision for my exams and also start revising on the complex topics and finish with relatively easy to understand topics. This way, I will be able to optimize my revision efficiency and ensure that I score good grades in exams. If I fail to adhere to this strategy, the punishment will be cut out internet supply from my study room in order to reduce the time spend on social media especially Facebook and devote more time for my personal studies.
In conclusion, the three main objectives of this study will not only change my bad study habits to good ones, but also will enable me to improve my general performance in school. In addition, I will also develop a good time management culture and be able to set priorities in different aspects of life.