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Target Corporation is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the United States of America. It is of the largest companies, which deal with vending and discounting services. One of the key competitors of the corporation is Walmart. Some of the products that Target retail business offers include electronics, clothing, groceries, and foodstuffs. Because of the spread of the services of this organization, today it is one of the rowing and most liked business for its services. The techniques and practices, which the management of this organization has adopted today, stem from several decades ago. The founders, Dayton brothers, developed these policies, which have seen the growth of the company a success. Year after year, the management board introduces new policies, which are aimed at ensuring proper ethics are observed by all the employees (Klinefelter, et. al., 2004).
Target Corporation enjoys a wide and stable market because of the history it has built. The large market share in the United States makes it easy to enter into many other new markets. One of the marketing strategies it has adopted is the strong human resource and marketing team. The company hires professionals in these fields, making it easy to handle the human resource and marketing departments. Secondly, the corporation enjoys a comprehensive vending network, which covers over tens of thousands of shops in the whole world. This network makes the marketing of its products much easier. Another marketing strategy, which has come in handy in the organization’s success, is the stable spending and shopping environment, for customers requires (Deborah, 2004). The Corporation spends a lot of money in the establishment of its premises, ensuring that the environment within is fit for customers to enjoy shopping and other amenities. Such amenities, such as children playing grounds and sitting pavilions have ensured that more customers shop from the company. The diverse nature of products that Target Corporation offers is also a marketing strategy. Customers do not have to go to other shops because all they need it under one roof. This strategy has seen many customers retained and new others coming in.
There are many ethical issue associated with big corporations like Target. One of the major issues is how the company treats the environment around. Target is an environment-conscious organization. In its policies, it does not products that pollute the environment, like cigarettes. It has established its policies so that any product polluting the environment is not stored in their premises (Klinefelter, et. al., 2004). Target Corporation has also developed a strong culture, which is bringing together employees from diverse communities. Since its inception, one strategy, which the company has adopted, is contributing 5% of its revenues to the neighboring communities to help in curbing any menace that may arise. The company is also engaged in active CSR. It participates in events like essential community enterprises, education, arts, and social services. This is another ethical issue that they take it so seriously (Emme, et. al., 2004).
Legal issues can ground down an organization if not taken care of in the right manner. Target Corporation takes any issues with a lot of concern and care. In its policies, the infringement of the rights of any employee is treated and attended to with a lot of concern. There is a dispute resolution department, which constitute lawyers who have the history of the organization and understand the laws of the country, which the Corporation is located. When a dispute is filed, the department tries to solve the issue within the shortest time possible. The company is also answerable to the governments, and most of its policies are open for the government to scrutinize to ensure that they do what the law requires (Deborah, 2004).


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