Good report about job shadowing

Internal customer service is the interaction between employees who support the company and those who work directly with the customers. The ways employees treat each other and find solutions internally has an effect on the bottom line and the customers.
It was observed that effective listening took place in the company. This is because all the departments in the stores were working together for best results. Mavis L Davidson took down notes in the companies meeting showing effective listening.
The major aim of any communication is to pass information and that information must be understood. It is worth noting that interpersonal communication process involves the art of conscious and unconscious negotiation between the sender and receiver of information.
The manager asked Davidson questions after their discussions on improving customer service. The third observation on effective listening internally was Davidson’s relationship with members of other departments.
Nonverbal communication internally was seen when Davidson nods her head when discussing how to improve customer service. Secondly, smiling was also seen when she bumped into members of other departments.
Communication means a lot to me personally in several aspects. Although all organisms have a way of communicating between themselves and their environment, humans are the ones who utilize more, and is critical to their existence.
Thirdly, the customer service team also had their own signals when communicating with each other. Image and organizational culture were seen, by the way Davidson and other employees treated each other.
The human face is capable of more than 1, 000 distinct expressions. Our eyes can shoot daggers of anger, issue challenges, express skepticism, or radiate love. With our faces, we can indicate disapproval (scowls), doubt (raised eyebrows), love (eye gazes), and challenge (stares). Face to face communication is evident in this scenario.
The mode of dressing was also specific to represent the department store. The image and culture of the department store established that employees should be neat and well groomed all the time.
Employees also had a culture of acknowledging the important role played by colleagues. They also shared work in every department so that no one is overworked or no duty remains undone.
Assertive customer service could be seen internally as employees came up with new ways of making sales in their meetings. Davidson also listened to members of the other departments in times of crisis relating to customer service. Davidson showed empathy when dealing with internal customers.
External customer service refers to the normal customer service. An external customer could be an outside organization or individual who gets services or products from the company.
Effective listening can be viewed when Davidson deals with the departments’ customers. This is seen as Davidson gives her full attention to the customers when they want to ask anything.
Effective listening to external customers is also seen when Davidson uses verbal and non-verbal language when she talks to the customers such as maintaining eye contact. Davidson also gives the customers feedback when communicating hence a sign of effective listening.
Non-verbal communication when dealing with external customers can be seen when she nods her head during the conversation. She also maintains eye contact with the customers so that the customers can know that she is paying attention to what they are saying.

Thirdly, Davidson also smiles or laughs with customers to make them comfortable.

Image and the culture of the organization are seen in the way Davidson presents herself. Davidson goes to work on time so that she can deal with the company’s customers at the appropriate working hours.
Secondly, Davidson wears some of the attire sold in the department store to present the departments’ products to the external customers. She is always well groomed and neat because she is a brand ambassador for the department store.
Thirdly, she portrays a sense of self-concept is the perceptions that individuals have towards themselves. Features that comprise self-concept include physical characteristics, intelligence, talents, social skills, values, emotional wellbeing and personal restrictions.
Assertive customer service to the external customers can be observed with how Davidson dealt with an irate customer. She listens and looks for answers that will bring an impact, which is desirable. She also shows empathy when listening to the complaints that the customers have.
A third demonstration of assertive customer service is seen when she shows the ability to differentiate impact and intent. This is because the customer may be trying to change the situation and to be aggressive may be the only way they know how to do that.
In conclusion, job shadowing is important as important skills get learn t in the process. Being in the work environment is useful as it allows practicing theory. Basically, the main objective is to create an environment that is participatory and where managers and the workforce are well informed. The choice of a Communication channel in passing information is a crucial aspect that should be done in a careful manner.
Some aspects of communication may show limited body movements or may be taken by others as showing lack of interest in the subject of interaction of the communication itself. This perception may not be true, but that is how people will take it. Such a perception can have a serious implication on communication especially during networking, interviews and business related introductions.