Good palm island, dubai essay example

1) Who are the stakeholders of this project?
The project to build the island of Palm Jumeirah had multiple stakeholders in the project. However, the original and the main stockholder of the project was Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who devised the plan to help diversify his country’s economy by expanding the tourism industry. The fact that the oil in the country was running low, Dubai needed a new source of income. Therefore, the stakes were high for the economy of Dubai, making Dubai in general a Stakeholder as well. The project began to sprawl into multiple projects to become more extravagant, therefore the developers and Dubai needed more capital in the projects, with more and more millionaires wanting a share in the project. Millionaires, such as David Beckham started to buy property on the island, which lead to the entire island of Palm Jumeirah being bought before completion, there were multiple stake holders from around the world.
2) Give an example of risk management activity in the project.
The project had been a risky one from the start, and therefore needed plans to prevent the island from being swept away into the sea. An example of risk Management activity in the project was creating a Barrier wall. The barrier wall was created with tons of special rock to surrounding the main island, which would prevent erosion, and allow a stable flow of water to the main island. Erosion would also be a significant problem in the development and long-time development of the island, and special sands were researched and brought in from sea to keep the island from eroding. The Sand was specifically brought in from out of sea because it was coarse and could withstand sea water, despite the fact that Dubai is surrounded by sand. However, the sand surrounding Dubai was too soft and could easily be blown away from sea winds and eroded by water.
3) Were there any deviations from the initial plans? Why?
There were multiple deviations from the initial plans because the prince decided that the island needed to be more extravagant than originally planned. Development plans for new hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls and implement more extravagant real estate to astound tourists visiting Dubai. As the project became bigger, so did the plans in other parts of Dubai, to increase the Tourism industry. After the success of the first island, development began on two other similar islands, which would be created bigger than the last. The second island would be a palm island which would be created to be largely and in a slightly different shape but more extravagant than the last. The third island was also to be created in a palm shape, but the plan was deviated to resemble the “ world”. These plans were created by Dubai to flaunt Dubai’s success, and increase appeal as a luxury destination around the world.
4) Give two examples of control and monitoring activities mentioned in the film.
There were multiple actions taken to complete the island in a safe manner. Since it was planned that the island would need to be stable enough to build on the island needed, a new stable foundation. Developers started to compact the sand to make it withstand buildings and constructions projects. The barrier wall, which was created to prevent disasters and erosions to the island, was checked regularly for fatigue and any faults in wall were dealt with almost immediately. However, after a couple months of development, it was noted that the marine life in the barrier wall began to flourish and allowed to become an enormous artificial reef. Another problem, for the project was a delay in supplies or if there was a shortage or did not come in altogether, a representative went to the supplies company almost immediately to rectify the situation.
5) Give an example of project crashing mentioned in the film.
The film mentions a few examples of project crashing. The first example of project crashing was when Dubai order for the developers to start creating the barrier wall before research was fully complete risking the entire project at the first step. Also, later on in the project while construction of the barrier wall was still being done, Dubai desired results even sooner. Therefore, they requested the constructions of the main island to start before completion of the barrier wall. This created a huge risk for the developers because they did not have calm water to work in, which the wall would have been able to do for the construction of the island,
6) Give an example of unpredictable risk in the project.
There were multiple unpredictable risks in the project. The first came about in 2001, after the events of 9/11. The tourism industry became dormant, and had especially affected the Middle East with Dubai as no exception. Beaches and restaurants were empty, as many tourists from the Western World were too afraid to travel. This created a stir in Dubai as it was not known when tourism would pick up again, if ever, or if the situation would repeat again. Another unpredictable risk came about in 2004, when an Earthquake struck Iran. Developers were frightened that the Earthquake would create violent waters and wash away the sands of the Island; fortunately this was not the case. The project turned out to be completed as expected and show the world the Jewel the Dubai is.