Good hr best practices essay example


Below, please find a report on HR best practices as you requested. The environment in which a business operates keeps on changing. Businesses should, therefore, upgrade their way of operation. Human Resource is one of the major departments in any organization. The department should, therefore, ensure that it integrates new systems of operation as time passes. A reliable, effective and good-performing Human Resource department makes the organization to be successful. The Human Resource management should ensure that they apply best practices in this field of human resources. The best practices here also include the set standards that the human resource department is expected to observe when operating. There are many best practices in the human resource. The major best practices in human resource are use of technology and communication with the workforce.

Use of technology

Organizations and businesses should try to remain relevant in the current environments in which they operate. The business environment has been changed with technology. Most businesses have integrated technology in their operations. Human resource department can use technology in its operations in so many ways. These ways are; in training, in recruiting, in performance management as well as in storage of information.
– Training
According to Martin and Graeme, in their book “ Technology, outsourcing and transforming HR”, information technology is the most effective and cheap way of educating new staff. The new staff can access information about the company and its training program schedule from another location without necessarily having to come to the company. This move will make the work of a trainer simple. The trainer will not have to work physically with the new staff in the process of training. Training by use of information technology makes it possible to train and prepare a large number of recruits at a time. The cost of training is, therefore, reduced, and this is beneficial to the business.
– Recruiting
The emergence of internet has made it easier for businesses to advertise vacant posts. In the past, businesses would rely on printed publications, especially newspapers, to advertise for jobs. The internet can be accessed by many people from different locations all over the world. Businesses can, therefore, post vacant positions online for people to see. The method is simple, cheap and reaches many people compared to the older methods.
– Performance management
It is necessary for businesses to track how its workforce is performing. Due to technological advancement, there are certain software programs that have been invented and can assist in accessing the performance of the workforce. Such programs use metrics in knowing whether the workforce is meeting its set performance goals.
– Storage of information
Martin and Graeme explain in their book, “ Technology, outsourcing and transforming HR” that the computer is the best medium to store business information. The computer can store large data in a small space. The data stored in the computer is easier to retrieve. Information stored in the computer can also be accessed in a remote location.

Communication with the workforce

In most cases, the bosses are not only respected by the junior staffs but they are also feared. The fear comes about since the junior staffs are not at ease with their bosses. This scenario should not present itself in the current business world. This challenge can be addressed by making regular communications with the staffs. The more regular a boss speaks to his/her inferiors, the more ease the staff will be with him/her. There are various communications that can be occur between the boss and the junior staffs.
Mary Dunlap and Debra M. Girvin in their journal, “ HR Best Practices”, state that posting of necessary notices is one of the important communications that the Human resource manager should do to the junior staffs. The notice may be; the laws and regulations at the work place, the vision and mission of the business or the goals of the business. The items above may be seen as small issues, but the truth is these posts will remind and motivate the employees.
According to Schramm and Jennifer in their magazine article, “ Effective HR Practices Drive Profit” the Human resource manager should also have regular face to face communications with the employees. When a manager frequently addresses the employees, the employees will become friendly with the manager and this is a tool to stronger team building. The employees and the manager will work at their best when both of them are in good terms with each other.


Technology is the best investment a business can do. The social media are advantageous platforms when used appropriately. Through social media, a business can be in touch with many people from all walks of life. Technology makes various business activities to be simple and quick to do. I, therefore, strongly recommend that the Human resource depart create social pages in the leading social sites and use the page to advertise for a vacancy. I recommend that the department also make the training program to be online. Finally, I recommend that the management of the department hold weekly meetings with the members.


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