Good example of organisational behavior (case study) report

One of the main problems facing Ringwood’s Company is inadequate motivation among the employees. For instance, employees of various car groups mainly news cars and second hand cars will fight for customers in order to earn a commission since their salaries are low. Motivation plays a great role in enhancing the performance e of employees. When employees are satisfied, they increase their productivity hence help in improving the organizations performance (Allana, 2013). Basing argument on human relations theory, workers enhance their productivity once they are motivated. As a result, there is a great need for the Ringwood Company to pay their employees competitive salaries in order to help them offer quality customer services. It is also good for the company consider changing its mode of paying the after sale employee who are paid with respect to the amount of work done. Ideally, this does not motivate the worker and may affect satisfaction levels hence lowering their productivity (Robert, 2003).
In addition, the company also faces the problem of poor quality work. For instance, according to the customer feedback, the service department was receiving many repeat repairs from the customers. This issue can be attributed to poor standards of work. It is a good idea for Ringwoods Company to focus on training its employees regularly in order to reduce the need for close supervision that results to work under pressure. Ideally, this is to mean that the leaders of the company need to encourage theory Y provisions other than theory X as argued by Neo Human Relations School (Osmand, 2014).
Furthermore, there is a great need for the company to focus on delivering quality service to its customers. The customers of the company claim that the company’s sales representatives are too pushy. As a result, the company should focus on training its employees on how to handle the customers. Quality customer service makes customer feel appreciated and satisfied hence able to stick to the company’s services. However, poor customer service like it stand within the company may draw this customers away. It is also good for the company to use the customer feedback to evaluate the level of satisfaction. The systems theory suggests that there is a great need for a feedback loop in an organization. Such feedback helps to facilitate modifications in system thus helping to strengthen the organizational behaviour (Mihnea & Nitin, 2002).
Furthermore, the pushy behaviour of salespeople also signifies that there is a barrier of communication within the company. There is need for the management to smoothen its communication within the entire company. The communication need to be two way. It should flow from the top management down to the lower management level. Ideally, this communication gives the subordinates the directives required to perform their daily work. On the other hand, communication should also flow from the lower management level to theme top management. This flow of information is geared towards providing feedback to the top management. In so doing, the subordinates feel appreciated hence able to improve their productivity and service to customers.
In conclusion, Ringhoods Company is facing various issues in its operations. Such issues include inadequate motivation of employees, poor quality work on the side of service men, poor quality service on the side of sales representative and inadequate communication. The focus on enhancing success calls for the company to train its employees, motivate them and enhancing quality flow of information among many others.


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