Good example of gastric bypass vs natural weight loss thesis

Gastric bypass surgery is an operation that divides the human stomach into an upper pouch which is small and a lower remnant which is much larger. After this is done, the small intestines are rearranged to connect to both of these parts. Gastric bypass surgery is better than traditional diet and exercise because it is a quick method of losing weight for individuals with health conditions caused by obesity.

Benefits of gastric bypass subject

As compared to the natural way of losing weight, gastric bypass surgery is quick and less effort is involved. For an individual who has medical insurance, this method is ideal because surgical and laboratory fees are covered. The creation of a small thumb-sized pouch on the upper part of the stomach restricts the amount of food which can be eaten therefore leads to a smaller body mass index (BMI). In the natural way of reducing weight, there is no provision for regulating the amount of food that is assimilated in the body system.

Risks of the surgery

Any surgery operations especially the major ones have potential complications some of which are adverse and risky. The risks that accompany the gastric bypass surgery include mortalities and complications of the abdomen. The pre-existing factors that lead to these complications include heart diseases, the level of obesity, diabetes mellitus, obstructive sleep apnea and pulmonary embolism history.

The Natural Weight loss

The traditional dieting of weight loss has advantages. First, anyone using this method avoids all the risks that are involved in the surgery. The weight loss is slower placed, and changes the lifestyle of an individual because they are to develop a new routine and keep to it. They have to keenly check their diet and maintain their physical exercise program. The shortcomings involved are the possibility of gaining back weight in case one fails to maintain the requirements of their diet and physical exercise. There is also a possibility of not staying focused on the required routine since it becomes tiresome.


Both the traditional and the gastric bypass surgery are useful when it comes to weight loss. One needs to keenly asses the risks of all these methods before making a decision on the method to use.

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