Good example of essay on work place diversity

Organizations discuss diversity and give its importance yet they do not have a clear and working definition of it. Consulting diversity is not like other areas whereby an organization can become proficient in content development. It is therefore requested that every organization have the clear definition about diversity and its understanding. For diversity definition, each organization must understand all its dimension and impacts on the environment. Other reasons for a better understanding include working on biases and assumptions about diversity and an ability to push clients beyond comfort to the level of adapting to diversity.

Principles Most Important in Defining and Understanding Diversity

Workforce diversity as a principle is used to define and understand diversity properly. The diversity of workforce reflects on national and demographic trends and accommodates issues of elder care, childcare, accommodation of the disabled and work arrangements that are flexible. Diversity management is another principle that plans and implements all organizational systems so that managed people can face potential advantages of diversity. This principle for managing diversity gives a distinctive advantage of creativity and flexibility with a passion for competitiveness. Heterogeneity in defining diversity is a principle that promotes creativity and heterogeneity. Heterogeneous groups often produce problem-solving ideas and lead to critical analyzes of higher levels.

Organizations Identified in Organizational Management

San Francisco is identified to have paradigms of diversity management including accommodating discrimination, integrated learning, and legitimacy. This organization understands and manages concepts of diversity, recognizes diversity as a thread of management aspects and some degree of willingness to change aspects of management (Kathryn et al., 6). The university of Nebraska-Lincoln treats diversity in the form of ethnicity and has this as assets. There is then a disservice of future generations that encourages people to think positively about diversity and incorporate all languages in action. Michigan University considers human attributes as those that cannot be changed and, therefore, goes beyond the invisible. The university of California also roots its diversity in public service.


In concluding, I agree with San Francisco because it is committed to creating an inclusive working environment that is fair. This attribute of diversity contributes to equality of members who work from different backgrounds. Skills, experiences, qualification and working attitudes get to be embraced, and diversity gets to its peak.

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