Good example of essay on what does this visual say about gender in the u.s.


This visual shows the role of gender in the advertisement and promotion of products in the U. S. The visual shows a woman and a man in the advertisement of beauty products. The marketing strategies targets the men and women showing how the product bonds them and brings them together. The perfume products in the case are advertised in a manner that appeals both to the emotion and instincts of people from both genders. The woman is used to portray how the product makes her attractive to men. This, therefore, serves the purpose of attracting many women in the U. S to buy this product in the name of the fragrance. The attachment and bonding between the men and women are capitalized on in order to market the product through the influence of the two genders. The men may, therefore, be convinced to buy the product so that their women get a good smooth skin and fragrance making them enjoy their lives together. The women, on the other hand, will be attracted to the product in order to boost their beauty and fragrance so as to make their husbands happy and attracted to them. This visual, therefore, shows how gender is used in marketing of the products so as to boost the revenues and profitability of the companies selling the products. It is, therefore, clear that when one segment of the gender is targeted, the other party will also be attracted to buy the product because of the influence of gender in the society.
The visual also shows that gender in the US, gender is viewed a powerful force in the marketing sector. The products are advertised especially in a manner that will appeal to the emotions of both men and women. The products consumed by women are often advertised in a way that even the impact on men is demonstrated. The beauty products are mostly related to the gender, therefore, both men and women are used to advertise such products. Women are mainly used in advertisements, in the media in order to attract the men population to buy such products that are affiliated to the beauty of men. The women attracts the attention of men in the society, thereby, influencing the market of many products. It is clear that women play a crucial role in influencing the men to buy various products in the market (Otnes, 2012 p. 16).
The visual also shows that the gender is an important factor of consideration in marketing so as to ensure that each party feels not neglected. The aspect of neutrality in the advertisement and promotion of products are reflected in this visual. This aspect of neutrality in the market promotions is very crucial in ensuring that the whole market feels appreciated, therefore, leading to higher volumes of sales as well productivity of the company. The issues of gender equality are very common currently in the U. S and the rest of the parts of the world. This, therefore, shows that women will be attracted to the products that give them attention especially with respect to the specific needs.
The visual also shows the impact of an individual in decision making, in the family, therefore, influencing consumer decision making. The impact and influence of women in convincing their husbands on what to buy thereby influencing what to be purchased for their families. The influence of both genders, therefore, plays a crucial role in determining the consumer behavior patterns of various products being advertised. The marketing strategies should, therefore, appreciate the role of gender in making their advertisements and promotion of their products. The woman in the family has a lot of influence on the consumer patterns because mostly they are the ones involved in shopping activities (Reed, 2013 p. 24). The promotion and advertisement activities should, therefore, put considerable attention on the influence of women in order to attract their attention to purchase and consume such products. This will help the marketers to achieve their goals with the help of gender roles in the society.
The visual shows the relationship between beauty and gender. Gender plays an important role in the advertisement and promotion of beauty products and fashion industry. The beauty products target women in a manner that they become attractive to their husbands or their male counterparts. The marketers, therefore, put emphasis on how such products enhance the beauty and fragrance of women. The attention of the men is also targeted in order to entice them to buy such products to their women in the name of beauty. The beauty products are often advertised in a manner that the women are very beautiful and attractive to their men. This makes the products attract the attention of both men and women leading to the increased revenues from such products. The marketers should, therefore, appeal the dominance nature of men only on products consumed by men while, on the products for the general population, they should be neutral so as to achieve higher levels of sales as a way to increase profitability from such products (Otnes, 2012 p. 28).
In the context of gender and marketing, it is clear that women are more concerned about relationship issues and concerns. The marketers should, therefore, target women on the aspects of the relationship in order to maximize sales from such a segment of the population. The relationship oriented marketing, therefore, targets women in the U. S in order to maximize on volumes of sales. Women are also concerned about security issues making them difficult to purchase products online. The marketers should, therefore, put emphasis on the privacy policies so as to avoid losing customers. The women also consider the time in purchasing products. The time of purchasing products should be reduced in order to make women loyal customers.
In the context of foods and drinks, the women should be targeted in order to portray the product as healthy to the whole family. Marketers should target women in the advertisement of the foods and drinks because they are very concerned about such products.
In conclusion, gender in the U. S is viewed as a very crucial factor in the marketing of products and commodities. Different products are associated with various aspects gender making them of interest to marketers. Gender, therefore, plays an essential role in the advertisements and promotion of various products. The influence of women is great with respect to foods and drinks as well as beauty products. The marketers also targets men on the products related to technological advancements like cars and computers in order to make great sales and increase profitability of their companies. The neutrality of gender also plays an important role in the marketing of products in the U. S in order to ensure that all people feel appreciated by the promotional and advertisement campaigns.

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