Good essay on music – emotions

One of my every day routines is jogging. I like to get up in the morning, put on my trainers and go out for a run. During this short period of time (approximately 30 minutes), I prepare my body and soul for the coming day by observing the town that is slowly waking up, inhaling the brisk and clean air, and listening the music I like. The music that I like to listen during this activity is mainly Sting, a famous UK singer. Even though this type of music may seem outdated, I enjoy in the music and lyrics because each song conveys a deeper meaning between the lines. By listening to Sting and his songs like ” Englishman in New York” and ” Desert Rose” I manage to find meaning in everything that I do and to find the right answer when in doubt.
The other aspect of my preference of this type of music is the bold improvisations and subtle transitions that Sting’s music offers. The jazz section that is recognized in his songs is not emphasized, but everything is light and moderate. I also like to listen to Sting because he carries a certain trait of nostalgia. It reminds of the old times when everything was different, when people were not classified by their material assets but by their creativity, generosity, and other values that seem to be forgotten now. Naturally, this is an intimate emotion that helps me to see the triviality of my issues and conflicts occur. Thanks to Sting and his lyrics that have become a part of my everyday routine, I have become a person who does not have revenge or some other negative emotion, but a person that reflects on the world as a place where everything is possible if you work hard enough. Rarely can I hear this type of music in stores or some objects where massive consumers are attracted by store managers. As DeNora wrote, ” Deliberately and dé facto, retail outlets seek to foster particular in-store cultures and images of implied clientele” (DeNora p. 134). In this way, when music is used as a tool for ” impulsive shopping”, managers try to indulge the masses to feel that their life will completely change if they buy one item from their shops. Sting is not a musician for masses as in his lyrics one can find a sub-culture that is not related to the main stream music.
The other type of music that I like to listen is modern Latino music. It is lively, one can dance with it and it is filled with rhythm. However, this type of music is not appropriate for jogging as it is not an intimate music. It is a type of music that should be listened in group. Latino music is vivid, dynamic and promotes dancing. Additionally, Latino music is not music that is appropriate for jugging because it is loud and one can easily become oblivious of the traffic. On the other hand, pop music such as played by Sting is a music during which one can reflect on its inner emotions. It seems that I fall into the classification of a typical listener of intimate music stated by DeNora. As cited by DeNora, ” It is not surprising that the use of slow music, new age music, nature sounds, ‘spiritual music’, sentimental and romantic ballads and the like, as used for intimacy, is more common among the young” (DeNora 118). Each musical genre carries a different mood. The only question is what is your current mood and how do you feel at the moment.
The music is omnipresent component of our lives. Everywhere we go, music follows us. In public places people cannot chose what they want to listen. However, in privacy of their home, they can find a music that pleases their senses. The industry has recognized the music as a powerful tool for directing the masses in the way they choose and the majority of people are not aware of this trend. Bearing on mind that nowadays millions of singers and groups from all over the world have become available with one click, people would try and find what they like and not what majority likes.

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