Good essay on engineering professions

Part 1: Professionally-Oriented Roles of an Engineer

Health Technologies
This concerns the design of devices used in healthcare, such as treatment equipment, artificial organs, bio-materials and imaging technologies, among others. These are mostly designed by different specialist engineers.

Nuclear Technologies

This involves providing alternative source of energy as well as new capabilities in the field for medical research.
Imaging Technologies
There are also specialist engineers who design technologies that can be used to probe the human body without opening it up. These include x-ray and ultrasound machines.


This involves designing both basic and secondary devices, such as TVs, radios and vacuum cleaners, among others.
Laser and Fiber Optics
These are light impulses used in various industrial tools, such as satellites and surgical tools, among others.
Space Exploration
The engineers here are involved in various areas of space exploration, including designing space exploration crafts and satellites, as well as telescopes, among others.

Agricultural Mechanization

This concerns tools that are used in agriculture. These includes harvesters and tractors, as well as other devices, such as ploughs.

Part 2: What Intrigues Me

I have always found space exploration intriguing. I find space a very interesting puzzle, the expansiveness of it, all the possibilities it holds. The possibility of life in some other part of the wider universe, in some other solar system, is one that has always piqued my interest and I have always followed the Search for Extraterrestrial Life (SETI) initiatives closely. Now to be involved in that, as the engineers involved in various areas of space exploration (designing and launching satellites and space exploration craft into space or be an astronaut, among many other individual professions) is to do what is close my heart. It is like being on the frontline of discovering something big, something that might shutter everything mankind knows of itself and the world around.