Good essay on abuse of statistics

Statistics is used to understand the collections of data. Statistical functions are used to compare the values. Unfortunately, statistics is used in an inappropriate way like bad data collection, bad application of the statistical function, wrong conclusion, and tricks of producing the fake data. The survey has been conducted to analyze the number of people died by the automobile air bags during the year 1990 – 1998, but the survey fails to reveal the appropriate numbers of dead happened in the year1997 and 1998. Many researchers are producing the fake data using a statistical analysis. The fake data leads to the inappropriate analysis. The collection of fake data results in the bad statistical analysis. The researchers are vomiting the data, which it did not fit his or her theory, and leaving only 1/4th of data that he had collected. The statistics are used in an inappropriate way to calculate the wrong averaging. Some researchers are misapplying the formulae. The mistakes in the calculations results in forming the wrong conclusion. Researchers are showing the unwanted data for analysis. Some people are reversing the axis of the graph, when they are using statistical analysis. Some researchers are not showing the scale calibration at all. There are some collections of data that do not describe the phenomenon being studied. There are lots of sampling errors, when applying the statistical analysis. An inappropriate analysis results, in the misleading or misrepresenting of the graphs. The data and the parameter estimation should be carefully reviewed to avoid the bias. The statistical analysis is used in many scientific analyses so the collections of data and calculating methods should be carefully reviewed before forming the conclusions.


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