Good essay about the vagina monologues

Summary and Personal View of Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler

The vagina Monologues written by Eve Ensler is a compilation of monologues that all deal with the vagina. The monologues cover everything that touches on the femininity of women across the world. The subjects are portrayed in a rather humorous, disturbing or tragic way, and they range from sex, masturbation, orgasm and even rape. The monologues connect women across the globe and highlight issues that affect them regardless of where they are in the world. No matter the challenges these women face, the monologues are meant to encourage them and make them feel that in as much as they face challenges; it will one day be ok.
I feel the book is trying to create a connection between women and make them feel that there is a lot that they share in common. Also, The Vagina monologues is a voice that calls for women empowerment because if gives women hope and encouragement. Women are made to understand themselves and relate the issues the face in life to other people’s challenges. It is that way that they get to understand that they are not alone in their problems.
Through the book women are made to understand their gender and love themselves. Before one gets to read it, they can feel embarrassed even by the mere mention of its title. But upon reading it, it ignites the feminist ideologies especially when Ensler talks about female genital mutilation. The book is good and timely because it educates women on their rights and makes them know that they have a choice over their lives. They should not be dictated but they should dictate and determine their future. The book is great and educative!