Good essay about team operating principles/guidelines

Team operating Principles work as an outline that highlights important criteria that must be followed by all the members where decision is to be made regarding any particular project or business operation. Moreover, the team operating principles serves as a criterion that help the employees in an organization or members of the team to accomplish their goals effectively in the meeting. Moreover, drafting the team operating guidelines is also important as they set out the rules and behaviours that must be practiced by all the meeting participants while conducting a meeting. In addition, providing meeting guidelines to the meeting participants also make them aware of what will be their topic of discussion and behaviour in the meeting. The guidelines can also be framed by a single person or by a group or a team through brain storming. However, the team leader or the group drafting the guiding principles of meeting can make any necessary changes or modify them with the consent of all the members. Thus in general, the operating principles are laid down on for different reasons. For instance, the article by Walvoord, Redden, Elliott and Coovert (2008) outlines different guiding principles that must be followed to empower employees in virtual teams.

The following are the eight rules to have a successful team meeting:

– We will remain open to new ideas.
– We will attend all meetings on time and stay for the duration of the meetings.
– We will offer possible alternatives when we cannot agree with a particular idea.
– We will not monopolize discussions or dominate the floor.
– We will treat each other with respect.
– We will come prepared to use our meeting time productively.
– We will have patience with each other.
– We should recognize that it is okay to agree to disagree.
In a nut shell, it could be said that implementation of the discussed eight rules of a successful meeting will help all the participants to focus on the core objective of the meeting. Moreover, the guiding principles will also enable participants or team members to practice whatever is detailed in the rules of team meeting. Thus, the team members by practicing operating principles listed in this paper can achieve their targets easily as all the members are bounded to implement the same.


Walvoorda, A. A. G., Reddenb, E. R., Elliottb, L. R., and Cooverta, M. D. (2008). Empowering followers in virtual teams: Guiding principles from theory and practice. Computers in Human Behavior, 24 (5), 1884–1906. DOI: 10. 1016/j. chb. 2008. 02. 006