Good essay about realities

Objective Writing:

The perfume bottle sits by its red pyramid-shaped box. The name of the perfume, ‘ Realities’, is inscribed on the cover with yellow font. The yellow color stands out on a blood-red background. The perfume bottle itself is not that bright in color. The design of the bottle consists of three cubes, the largest one forming the base, then a smaller one serving as a cap and the smallest one serving as a spray button. The three cubes are tilted so as to form a diamond shape. The largest cube is transparent; the middle one is golden in color, and the smallest one is sea-green. They form a perfect contrast to the red box which is also taller than the bottle itself.

Subjective Description:

As soon as I get a glimpse of the word ‘ Realities’ inscribed on the red box of the perfume, I am reminded of the sad reality that my grandmother is no more. She used to keep this perfume with extreme care and saved it for special occasions only. The blood-red color of the perfume box is reminiscent of the passion she used to have for everything she used to do in life. The perfume bottle appeared like three cubes sitting on top of each other; each tilted to form a neat design. She often used to tell me that the white cube at the bottom was my grandfather, the smaller golden cube in the middle was my grandmother herself, and the smallest cube of sea-green color was my mother. She used to see her family in that bottle. She once secretly told me that this perfume was the last gift she received from my grandfather before he passed away.