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Linus: Me? I want to explain the sense of life” (Linus Torvalds, David Diamond, 2001, p. 1)

I am studying to become an IT manager. Most of my friends ask me why I have chosen this sphere. In my opinion, the answer is easy, because this scope is the most perspective.
Nowadays computers are occupying an increasingly important part of our life. They are used in the most important spheres of activity of every country. We use them in education, in industry in health service sphere. It also takes a great place in national defense of every nation. But these machines cannot work without software. There are specially trained people, called programmers. These are them who make an effective thinking worker from the pile of metal. And nowadays this profession becomes the most significant and demanded in advanced countries.
Being a programmer is an opportunity to help your country and its inhabitants only with the power of your mind. The only one person can lead the factory which required hundreds of people in the past. Several people can defend the nation from the intruders, and that is not the limit, because the technologies are improving every day.
In terms of my plans, I would like to become a professional in IT data protection. I suppose it to be a very important part of the country’s security. In modern world the majority of secret data is usually stored electronically to prevent an unauthorized access to them. However nowadays, many ways to get such information appeared. Furthermore, they are improving and becoming more and more complicated and, of course, every government tries to protect the country, creating special IT teams with the most talented programmers in it.
I am doing everything I can to reach my goal, including studying as much as possible, trying to use all my free time, all my possibilities, laying out my forces to the maximum. I am going to enter an IT college and get there all the possible knowledge. After that I would like to keep studying in another country, somewhere in America, for example. In my opinion, this sphere there is extremely developed and education there will be very cognitive. After that I hope to practice in a company, which develops the defense software and works on the advanced military technologies. However, after several years of studying and practicing I would like to return to my native country and defend it from the IT attacks.
In conclusion, I would like to add that the main thing, I understood during my education is that knowledge got in school, college or university is not enough. To become a professional the future IT worker should also work independently, search for the information in the Internet, watch videos, read books, speak to the experienced programmers and never surrender. The main feature of the IT sphere is that the same goal can be reached in many ways. That is why do not leave the problem if something does not work. Try to find another way to solve it and you will reach success. And always remember the Mosher`s Law of Software Engineering which states that “ You should not worry if it doesn’t work right. If everything did, you’d be out of a job.”


Torvalds L., Diamond D., 2001. Just for fun. The story of an accidental revolution. London: Harper Business.