Good essay about a job is like a tattoo

The article “ A Job is Like a Tattoo” by Beth Lee presents the idea that corporate America is not always an utopian environment. Lee’s journey within corporate America shows that conflict is prevalent within these types of businesses and often one must put aside what they learned in school in order to succeed.
Lee handled the situation in an organized, professional manner but there were things she had to learn in order to deal with her new environment. By failing to recognize these changes, Lee struggled within her work place. Had she done more research about the company and its operations she would have had fewer problems. She also needed to be more willing to accept this new work place and the politics involved.
Lee did, however, handle her conflict with Kim in a very professional manner. As Lee’s superior in the workplace, Kim made her job very difficult and provided improper instruction then criticized the results of Lee’s work. Lee, even though she was very angry at Kim, held her anger in check simply explain to the best of her ability why she was correct based on the job description given to her. Lee managed the situation very well.
Having been in similar situations as Lee before, I sympathize with her plight. Most everyone has gone through an experience where they felt that they didn’t fit in or didn’t fully understand how their environment would operate. I endeavor to handle such situations in a similar manner to how Lee did, by keeping a cool head and not letting emotion effect my job. She stood up for what she knew to be correct but in a very respectful manner.